For sale bentonite processing equipment in Pakistan is export all over the world

For sale bentonite processing equipment in Pakistanand obtain the consistent high praise

Bentonite market prospects

Product market price to tens of thousands of yuan per ton of bentonite products only organic bentonite and bentonite in medicine, cosmetics. This kind of product investment 13.10.10-分级机0threshold is not high and higher technical threshold. The market capacity is small, the countries demand only 30000 to 30000 tonnes a year. This kind of product transportation costs accounted for the proportion of the product price is very small, radius of the market is very big, can export the world.

Bentonite processing process in Pakistan

Under the natural state, the interior of the bentonite holes in the blocking state, need to deal with by processing and be activation.The bentonite after processing called “activated clay.Its production process is as follow: the bentonite ore roughing (with the exception of sandstone and organic impurities) to crush to 200 mesh, the acid activation – centrifugal separation – a washing – secondary washing – three times in the washing – four washing – centrifugal separation – drying – crushing – activated clay.13.10.10-分级机1

For sale Bentonite processing equipment in Pakistan

In Pakistan,The activated clay dryer before drying the cake for high viscosity, water content, which is difficult drying and other problems, the host structure, speed, slope, fans and other aspects of ordinary dryer optimized layout and design. Proven to meet the production needs of active clay. Activated clay from drying moisture 50% to 10%, coal consumption per ton of product is not more than 180 kg of standard coal.In the whole process,we need to use many equipment,like FL spiral classifier,BF series flotation machine and so on.

The spiral classifier is designed to separate,and in different kinds of process,it can separate different materials.It can separate the slurry or liquid from solid particles. Separate light particles from heavy particles in the gravity separation process,separate of fine particles and liquid from coarse particles in the metal ore dressing process.In the mining 13.10.10--浮选机1industry,Zenith FL spiral classifier is widely used in mineral processing plant with ball mill with closed cycle process split split mineral sand,or used in gravity concentrator to grade ore and fine mud, size classification of ore dressing process and metal, desliming, dehydration and washing operations in.

Zenith’s BF series flotation machine apply new style forward –type tank, double balde water wheel, it is also matched with diversion pipe and fake bottom device. The slurry inside the tank will make the up and down double circulation according to the certain way, which is good for coarse mineral suspension, it can make the air self –absorption, self-slurry absorption, no need foam pump.BF flotation machine impeller is composed of the closed double frustum, It could happen strong mineral slurry circulation.The structure of flotation machine is varied and is currently the most commonly used mechanical agitation type flotation machine.13.10.10--浮选机0

Manufacturer of bentonite processing process

Zenith not only provide you with quality products,but also provide you with timely spare parts supply and thoughtful after-sales service. All of these can guarantee that you in a short period of time to solve all the problems and confusion.Choose Zenith bentonite processing equipment is your wise choice.



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