How to make the separation of diatomaceous earth

In order to study the composition and species of diatomite in algae,we can obtaine the diatom monomer and other mineral association through the separation methods.According to the different mineral combination,we should adopt the appropriate method. The separation of diatom method program is continuity.

Hydrostatic settlement

The settling velocity of mineral with different particle size and different proportion in static water is not consistent.Aterial have the distribution characteristics of layer. First, check the diatom particles size in rock slice, and crushing to the appropriate granularity.

Acid soluble

To remove the other impurities of diatomaceous earth,we often use different acid dissolving method, in order to improve the content of the diatoms.In general the diatomite always have different degrees of containing iron, calcium,adoptting H2S04 to iron, HCl to calcium method, the concentration of the acid depends on mineral particle size.


Burning the carbonaceous organic matter to obain ashing, under the involvement of carbonaceous trivalent iron reduction into bivalent iron. According to some diatomaceous earth test, the melt temperature control in 600-900 ℃ to ensure the diatoms are not destroyed.

Magnetic and electromagnetic separation

Remove the diatomite in magnetic, electric magnetic minerals.

Ultrasonic cleaning separation

After the above steps,put the diatomite in the alcohol on ultrasonic instrument for separation and cleaning.In the solution to eliminate attached to the diatom clay, on the surface of the pollutants, improve the porosity of diatom.


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