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Columbia Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener Improve The Purity Of Bauxite

The Distribution Of Bauxite In Columbia

131121--马里铝矾土4The mining area of Colombia is mainly in Cauca Cauca – Barre area. The mine is located between, the Western Cordillera mountains, weathered laterite deposit, mineralization Pliocene era. Mine consists of five separate deposits, of which Morales and Kagi marked with the maximum deposit. Morales deposit reserves of about 20 million tons of aluminum content of 30.8%, suggesting that reserves of 43 million tons. Therefore, ensuring the rich bauxite to be used in the mining industry, achieved through a wide range of uses,the beneficiation is essential.

Columbia Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener

Zenith is the production of mining machinery experts. Especially in mineral processing equipment, a variety of more experienced. For bauxite mining, because the bauxite texture is softer, crushing and milling processes are relatively easy process. So dressing becomes essential. Typically in Colombia, we use Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener as the main bauxite beneficiation equipment.

NZ-center-drive-thickener     NG-Peripheral-Traction-Thickener

Zenitn thickener has advantages of compact structure, easy to install and overhaul, efficient driving and capable processing.Peripheral traction thickener is suitable for condensing beneficial ore and dewatering waste ore. The rake is truss, the drive type is divided to roller type and rack type; the drive gear is motor direct cycloid pin wheel reducer or ZQ reducer.

In Columbia, this thickner is not only suitable for the benefication of the bauxite,it is also widely used in coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, nonmetallic mineral dressing, environmental protection and other industries, this concentrator is specially suitable for provide bauxite concentrate.

Features Of Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener

  1. Its tank is usually made of concrete that give it a big capacity.
  2. Adding flocculant sedimentation particle size of solid particles, so as to speed up the settling velocity.
  3. Furnish inclined plate, shortening the distance between particles sedimentation increase the subsidence area.
  4. Play mud deposited thick layer of flocculation, filtration, compression, and enhance the role of capacity.
  5. Equipped with full automatic control facilities.
  6. In order to charge the motor, annular nodes are arranged on the central support.

India Barite Magnetic Separator Disaggregating The Sticky And Poor-Fluidity Powders

India Barite Magnetic Separator131107--保加利亚重晶石加工0

As we all know,barite has a very wide range of uses in the oil and chemical industry. India’s barite resources are very rich, to ensure the barite resources can be fully used in industrial production, beneficiation is essential. India barite magnetic separator is develop by Shanghai Zenith Company and has overcome the shortcomings of traditional magnetic separator, combined with advanced technology in the industry.

India Barite Magnetic Separator is suitable for processing fine, weakly magnetic minerals, such as hematite, limonite, ilmenite, manganese, wolframite, tantalum-niobium, siderite etc. It is also suitable for removing iron and titanium from non-metallic minerals such as quartz, feldspar, nephline, fluorite, ceramic material, and etc.

Special Performance Of Barite Magnetic Separator

1. Max. Magnetic intensity: 8,000 OE.
2. Magnetic separator working under high temperature.
3. Simple structure makes it easy to operate and maintain.
4. Also has disaggregating function for sticky and poor-fluidity powders.
5. Energy saving and high-efficiency.
6. The number of axial magnetic can be adjusted in accordance with material characteristics.
7. Stainless steel machine and full-closed operation enable an easy clean.
8. This magnetic separator is suitable for processing various bulk materials and will not blocked for its compact structure.
9.This high gradient magnetic separator has optimized magnetic circuit, which offers high intensity magnetic field for better separating effect.


Peru Barite Powder Making Equipment Low Pollution And Energy Consumption

Why Make The Barite Powder?131107--保加利亚重晶石加工0

Barite can be used for paints, coatings, leather, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, inks, water softener, metal heat treatment, chlor-alkali industrial salt refining and other industries. Barite powder, barite processed into the main purpose is to ensure good barite particles may be applied in industry.

Peru Barite Powder Making Equipment

As a leading Mining Machinery Co., Ltd,Zenith was founded in 1995, aiming to serve the need in mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry etc.Our Mining
Machinery which are 100% of our own design, production detection and marketing. They are all designed, produced, manufactured and tested in accordance with the standard of ISO9001: 2000 international quality system standard. Our products are recognized as quality products by technical supervision departments.

In Peru,for the barite powder making,we supply a lot of equipment.According to the method of barite powder in Peru,our engineers have designed a series of barite grinding equipment for the powder making.The main equipment is MTM130X barite strengthened ultrafine mill,LM barite vertical grinding mill,MTW barite trapezium mil,MTM barite medium speed trapezium mil,XZM barite ultrafine mill,Barite hammer mill,MQ barite ball mill and so on.

Features Of Peru Barite Powder Making Equipment

A. Wide application scope, can use to crush materials less than 6 moth of hardness.
B. Under the effect of high pressure spring, the fineness of final product is increased greatly.
C. Energy consumption is lower.
D. Less investment, high efficiency, recycling fast.
E. Independent system, less production links, materials less than 25mm can be put into processing directly.
F. No pollution, dedusting effect is completely meet national standards.
G. The sealing effect of grinding roller device is good.

Turkey Barite Vibrating Screen Equipment Is Durable And Flexible

Turkey Barite Situation
YK Series vibrating-screen

Turkey is a country in Western Asia. It is the hub of the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Vast majority of domestic is plateau, mountains, minerals barite reserves in the world.The Angora and Turkish carpets world famous. Currently, the world’s barite resources development and utilization of sedimentary deposits, epithermal deposits and weathered residual deposits of barite Turkey belongs to sedimentary deposits, more easy to develop.

Turkey Barite Vibrating Screen Equipment

Zenith is a professional company for manufacturing mining equipment.We suppliy all kinds of crushing and grinding equipment.Of course,the auxiliary equipment is also essential.In Turkey,the Barite Vibrating Screen Equipment is playing an important role in the barite production line.

Turkey Barite Vibrating Screen Equipment operate on the freefall principle have been developed as an alternative to conventional screens.They are used successfully in


both mobile and stationary a great range of screens for all applications plants. Zenith have further developed simple free-fall screening by building each deck in several sections and optimizing the inclination of the deck sections. Free-fall screens can be built much shorter and with smaller footprint than conventional screens of comparable capacities.

Sometimes, non-abrasive, soft or sticky materials and materials with high moisture content are best screened with equipment that does not rely on vibration as an operating principle. Zenith offers roller screens that are ideal for careful screening of such materials.

Performance Features Of  The Gravel Screen

1. Ring groove rivet connections, advanced structure, strong and durable.
2. To adopt a sieve and the sieve box beams using high strength bolts, simple structure, convenient maintenance.
3. Easy adjustment and assembly, light, small, convenient maintenance and dust prevention when in closed body.
4. Structure, advanced, using block eccentric as the excitation power, excitation and strong, with low power consumption, low noise.
5. To deploy tire couplings, flexible connection, running smoothly.

Zenith High-Performance Barite Crusher In USA With Even Final Size

Service Of High-Performance Barite Crusher

pre-sale2Zenith provide you with world-class technical support and comprehensive technical training. Not only do we offer this fixed broken equipment, it also provides those removable portable crusher, such as barite mobile jaw crusher,barite mobile impact crusher ,barite mobile cone crusher and so on.We have agents all over the world, you can contact us by telephone,or through our network can also provide 24-hour online service contact us and learn more about the U.S. high-performance crusher with information.

Zenith Crusher Series For Barite

Zenith has a very rich experience on the production of crusher.Combined with many years of accumulated customer feedback,we launched a series of high performance crushing equipment.For example: Jaw barite crusher, Impact barite crusher, Hammer barite crusher and so on.

Jaw barite crusher is used for coarse, medium and fine crushing towards different stones and ores with compression strength between 147-245MPa. This barite crusher is with high crushing ratio, even size, simple structure, stable running, easy maintenance and low running consumption.


Impact barite crusher can handle different materials with size no more than 500mm and compression strength below 360 Mpa. Because of its special and good performance, it is widely used in stone crushing process in fields such as highway construction, water conservancy and construction.

Hammer barite crusher is one of the main equipments used for finely crushing limestone, coal and other brittle materials below medium hardness in industries such as metallurgy, construction, chemicals production and water conservancy, etc. It has features such as high ratio, high capacity and even size, etc.

USA Barite Application

Baryte, or barite, is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate. The baryte group consists of baryte, celestine, anglesite and anhydrite. Baryte itself is generally white or
colorless, and is the main source of barium.

Some 77% worldwide is used as a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration. Other uses are in added-value applications which include the car, electronics, TV screen, rubber, and glass ceramics and paint industry, radiation shielding and medical applications.In USA,Zenith can supply you baryre crusher or barite crusher in barite mining industry.