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The adjustment method of discharging port for jaw crusher

Shanghai Zenith jaw series crusher referred to as “jaw crusher”. This series products have the feature of big crushing ratio, uniform end product size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, economic operation, etc. Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, and many other departments, broken various material compressive strength less than 320 million mpa.

The gasket to adjust.

Fixing a set of gaskets, equal to the thickness of the back thrust plate between bearing and rack back wall. We can increase or decrease the number of gasket as working,then the crusher row ore mouth decrease or increase.

This method can realize multilevel adjustment and the machine is compact in structure,which can reduce equipment weight.But you must make sure that the machine is stop working when adjusting equipment.General large jaw crusher choose this adjustment method.

Wedge block adjustment

With the help of a bearing thrust plate and frame after the relative movement of the wall between the two wedge to realize the adjustment of the crusher row ore mouth.

Turning the nut on the bolt, by the wedge block up or down along the back wall frame for mobile, drive the wedge before moving forward or backward, thus promote the thrust plate, in order to achieve the purpose of the adjustment for the row ore mouth.

This method has the advantages that achieving stepless adjustment, convenient and quick, save time, not to stop as the adjustment.But this wedge block adjustment method increase the size and weight of the machine. Usually,small jaw crusher is often used in the adjustment device.

Hydraulic adjustment

This kind of crusher on the connecting rod is equipped with a hydraulic oil cylinder and piston.The ylinder connected to the upper connecting rod,and the piston and the thrust plate bearing. As normal working, full of pressure in the cylinder oil, piston and cylinder is in the connecting rod of a whole.

When crushing cavity into the foreign body to be broken, the stress that the connecting rod bearing is increases quickly, which leads to increased oil cylinder hydraulic suddenly.The connecting rod will push flow valve, pressure oil being squeezed out, and the piston and cylinder to loosen.

Installation of hydraulic driving cylinder to adjust the row ore mouth, reliable safety, and easy to troubleshoot.


Differentiation between B type, D type, Z type cone crusher

The basic structure and working principle of three kinds of crusher are exactly the same, just on the crushing cavity shape is slightly different. Difference lies in parallel to the broken belt, D type parallel with longer and Z after. Parallel which is longer,the mine mouth and row ore mouth are relatively small and can obtain a finer particle size products. Generally the D type with long parallel will be fixed for a finely after the Z type crusher. Due to the B type with shorter parallel,its product particle type is coarse, and the yield is higher.Generally, the B type cone crusher always fixed after the coarse crushing,which use jaw crusher or gyratory crusher.

How to reduce the energy consumption of crusher

Crusher causes of energy consumption13.9.10-0

In the process of crushing, crushing cavity should prevent iron and other things not be broken into it. When mixed together after feeding material broken, there are all kinds of material strength uneven phenomenon, strength of materials will protect small material intensity, reducing the intensity of the broken probability of small material and product granularity. And due to the intensity of the crushing cavity plate stress is not uniform, can eventually lead to uneven wear plate, affect the normal work of the crusher.

Laminating crushing down energy consumption

Granular material must meet the breakability of the requirements of the material strength within the maximum intensity of crusher can handle. In order to improve the working 13.9.10-1efficiency of the crusher, force situation improve equipment spare parts and give full play to the function in the process of laminating crushing in broken, in the process of production should try to ensure the uniformity of feeding material strength requirements.

Experts based on the analysis of concept of laminating crushing, when more than 40% of the repose of the material of broken volume, can be realized in the process of crushing laminated completely broken. In addition, according to the extrusion type crusher full feeding and hopper jaw uniformity, when material filling degree of 55% can completely meet the requirements of laminated crushing.

The effect of laminated crushing

Laminating crushing can realize the energy saving of crushing equipment. Existing research shows that: when the repose of the material in the 6-10 layers, obvious energy saving and consumption reducing of the equipment.

  • When feeding equivalent average granularity half generally allows for the largest feed particle size, the feeding layer material layer is about 2mm.
  • When the crusher the blockage in the layer height is 93 mm, the average grain size of material can reach 9.45 mm, the feeding material layer can be determined by 9.8 layer, blocking layer can achieve the best feeding material layer.

In the crusher, so it is easy to find, the more close to plug material feeding layer number is able to meet the requirements of the best feeding layer, crusher can more realize the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

Impact crusher before starting work

Impact crusher before starting work

  1. Ensure the funnel is not blocked, the feed port is not to one side.
  2. Check the motor load, temperature, sound condition.
  3. If there are friction phenomena between the part of gap(especially the jaw shaft parts).
  4. Keep the cooperation of the thrust plate and the support seat pad is normal,not tilt or move.
  5. Each part of the bearing temperature should not exceed 50-60.
  6. Whether it is normal of the smooth point of the oil situation.
  7. Ensure the oil pump, oil ring is functioning properly and the pipe is not blocked.
  8. Whether it operate (sound) normally.
  9. The fastening screw is appropriate.
  10. Ensure the tightness of the spring situation is normal.

Impact crusher

This impact crusher application

a variety of processing side not exceeding 500mm and compressive strength less than 350MPa materials of coarse, fine (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), widely used in hydropower, highway, artificial sand and stone, crushing and other industries.

Machine performance characteristics of crusher

unique structure, keyless connection, high chromium plate hammer, unique This impact crusher lining board; hard rock crusher, high efficiency and energy saving; cubic shape, nesting adjustable particle size, simplified crushing process.

Machine working principle crusher

When it works, under the driving of the motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into, and the impact of the rotor plate hammer crusher, and then it was back to the lining plate broken again, and finally from the discharge port.Compared with the other crushing machine it has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency advantages.

How to install and trial run your crusher

  1. On the basis,the device should be installed in a horizontal concrete, and fixed with land bolt.
  2. When you installe the device,you should pay attention to the main body of vertical and level.
  3. According to the power of the equipment to configurate the power and control switch.
  4. After installation,check each part of the device,ensure that the bolt has no looseness and mainframe warehouse door is fastening.
  5. check finished,then empty load test, if the test is norma,the device can be put into operation.