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Columbia Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener Improve The Purity Of Bauxite

The Distribution Of Bauxite In Columbia

131121--马里铝矾土4The mining area of Colombia is mainly in Cauca Cauca – Barre area. The mine is located between, the Western Cordillera mountains, weathered laterite deposit, mineralization Pliocene era. Mine consists of five separate deposits, of which Morales and Kagi marked with the maximum deposit. Morales deposit reserves of about 20 million tons of aluminum content of 30.8%, suggesting that reserves of 43 million tons. Therefore, ensuring the rich bauxite to be used in the mining industry, achieved through a wide range of uses,the beneficiation is essential.

Columbia Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener

Zenith is the production of mining machinery experts. Especially in mineral processing equipment, a variety of more experienced. For bauxite mining, because the bauxite texture is softer, crushing and milling processes are relatively easy process. So dressing becomes essential. Typically in Colombia, we use Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener as the main bauxite beneficiation equipment.

NZ-center-drive-thickener     NG-Peripheral-Traction-Thickener

Zenitn thickener has advantages of compact structure, easy to install and overhaul, efficient driving and capable processing.Peripheral traction thickener is suitable for condensing beneficial ore and dewatering waste ore. The rake is truss, the drive type is divided to roller type and rack type; the drive gear is motor direct cycloid pin wheel reducer or ZQ reducer.

In Columbia, this thickner is not only suitable for the benefication of the bauxite,it is also widely used in coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, nonmetallic mineral dressing, environmental protection and other industries, this concentrator is specially suitable for provide bauxite concentrate.

Features Of Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener

  1. Its tank is usually made of concrete that give it a big capacity.
  2. Adding flocculant sedimentation particle size of solid particles, so as to speed up the settling velocity.
  3. Furnish inclined plate, shortening the distance between particles sedimentation increase the subsidence area.
  4. Play mud deposited thick layer of flocculation, filtration, compression, and enhance the role of capacity.
  5. Equipped with full automatic control facilities.
  6. In order to charge the motor, annular nodes are arranged on the central support.

Barite ore dressing process and equipment

What should be used in the barite production?

Barite is a kind of important mineral raw material, its main composition is barite ore in various industrial fields very extensive.So,what kinds of mining equipments are suitable for barite ore dressing and which barite ore machine is the more suitable for beneficiation process? Now,Zenith limited is the process of barite ore dressing for simple introduction and milling equipments!

Barite ore dressing process

Our common barite Mohs hardness is generally between 2.5 to 3. Therefore, barite is a relatively soft material,which can be broken and processed easily.Common in our daily lives, including heavy stone processing:barite crushing,barite milling and barite beneficiation.These three steps can be divided into different small steps.

Barite ore dressing equipment

Barite crushing

  • Barite primary crushing:barite jaw crusher
  • Barite intermediate crushing:barite impact crusher
  • Barite senior crushing:barite conecrusher

Barite milling

This step can used all kinds of Barite grinding mill to make barite powder.You can choose different equipment according to the different requipment for fineness of barite powder or adjust the grinding mill directly.A series of Zenith grinding mill can be used in this step.,like:

  • MTM130X Barite Strengthened Ultrafine Mill
  • LM Barite Vertical Grinding Mill
  • MTW Barite Trapezium Mill
  • MTM Barite Medium Speed Trapezium Mill
  • XZM Barite Ultrafine Mill
  • MQ Barite Ball Mill

Barite beneficiation

Barite ore generally thicker disseminated extent, using the method of treatment for re-election can obtain multiple dressing advantage, re-election method and re-election equipment also gradually become the core of barite ore dressing.

  • BF Flotation Machine
  • FL Spiral Classifier
  • FX Series Hydro-Cyclone
  • ZGT Series High Gradient Magnetic Separator
  • XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine
  • GYM Permanent Magnetic Vacuum Filter
  • ZDU Series Belt Vacuum Filter
  • JT Sawtooth Wave Jigger
  • 6S Shaking Table

India 80-120tph cost saving barite production line

India barite market

India is the second largest producer of barite,the annual production of barite is about 600,000 t in 2002,which down 29.41%. Barite production different from the relatively 13.10.18--印度2dispersed of Chinese characteristics.all from India, all of the barite come from the Mangampet deposit of Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah County.It is the world’s largest barite deposits and the barite reserve base of 70 million t.
In 2002,In order to improve the competitiveness of India barite in the international market,the Indian government set up a special committee to study the related methods and measures.

India 80-120tph barite production line

Our common barite Mohs hardness is generally between 2.5 to 3. Therefore, barite is a relatively soft material and be processed easily.Commonly in India the barite processing flow including :barite crushing,barite milling and barite beneficiation. These three steps can be divided into different small steps.

In India, our production line is equipped with a variety of barite processing equipment.The India 80-120tph barite production line configuration is as follows:

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
  Barite Hopper LC3000X4000   1
I Barite Vribrating Feeder GZD960X3800 11 1
II Barite Jaw Crusher PE600x900 75 1
III Barite Impact Crusher PFW1214III 132 1
Barite Vribrating Screen 3YK1860 22 1
Barite Belt
NO. Name Length(m) Motor(KW) Number
B1 B800 18 7.5 1
B2 B800 23 11 1
B3 B500 25 7.5 1
B4 B500 20 5.5 3
B5 B500 15 5.5 1

Customer feedback of the India barite production line

Mrs.Benson is one of our important India customer.Basically,he buy a barite production equipment almost every year.Because under the help of Zenith high efficient equipment,it has a more and more high production of barite and so on.In India, at first he uses India 80-120tph barite production line.After the expansion of production scale, the device can only be replaced by higher yields.ore-beneficiation-banner

The following are some feedback of Zenith products he uses:

Zenith’s India 80-120tph barite production line running very smooth,each machine runs very smoothly,without noise,and this barite production line equipped with high-performance processing equipment and can greatly improve the heavy stone production efficiency.There is also a secret,I found after a month that the power of Zenith’s India 80-120tph barite production line is dispense 30% of the cost of production after continuous operation up to a month for me,which greatly reduces the cost.

80-120tph small copper productiion line in Afghanistan

Case background

Copper found all over Afghanistan,the copper belt extends from Kabul province to Logar province,which called the world has proven one of the giant copper mine.Located 30 13kilometers south of Kabul city’s Aina Ke copper.The area of the copper is about 60,000 square kilometers and has proven ore reserves of about 700 million tons of total average copper content of 1.65%, up about a third of reserve grade 2.37%, copper is estimated at 11.33 million tons total.

Crushing circuit of the 80-120tph productiion line

Because the copper ore resources Afghanistan are very rich,so there are many local miners and investors tend to choose smaller copper ore crushing equipment. Zenith copper ore production line mainly include:copper ore jaw crusher, copper ore impact crusher,copper ore cone crusher, copper ore vibrating screen, copper ore beneficiation equipment and son on.The specific configuration is as follows:

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
Hopper LC3000X4000 1
I Vribrating Feeder GZD960X3800 11 1
II Jaw Crusher PE600x900 75 1
III Impact Crusher PFW1214III 132 1
Vribrating Screen 3YK1860 22 1
NO. Name Length(m) Motor(KW) Number
B1 B800 18 7.5 1
B2 B800 23 11 1
B3 B500 25 7.5 1
B4 B500 20 5.5 3
B5 B500 15 5.5 1

Benefit of 80-120tph productiion line

In Afghanistan,80-120 small copper ore production line is very popular.

  • First, the production line has a low cost,which is a good use for the market situation unstable regions.
  • Second,the small-scale production line owns good flexibility.It is suitable for copper ore beneficiation through predatory rich area after production.

Micropowder plant for machining of the steam coal in Indonesia

What is the steam coal?

In Indonesia,steam coal is the coal with the highest degree of coalification,low volatile,heavy,high hardness.When burning flame is short,strong firepower,less smoke.It is usually13.11.01-印尼锅炉煤1powered fuel for civilian and good quality anthracite coal gasification can be used for raw materials,blast furnace and sinter ore fuels and a variety of large boiler heating fuels.

Micropowder plant for machining of the steam coal

Micropowder plant to machining the steam coal is not the ordinary coal crusher.In Indonesia,Zenith MTM130X Series 13.11.01-菲律宾煤01Strengthened Ultrafine Mill provide super fine coal powder.

Zenith MTM130X Series Strengthened Ultrafine Mill have a soft connection between machine body and base,non-rigid contact,which avoids to much passing of vibration from the grinding chamber to the machine body.Classifier applies high-density blade and it is easy to adjust the by equipping frequency control system.

We can make small adjustments to the machine,to achieve adjustemt for the fineness of the steam coal.The largest yield can be 4-13tph and the fine coal powder is up to 0.38mm.

Supplier of the micropowder plant for steam coal

Zenith is professional engaged in the production of crushing and milling plant.All products is designed,producted,assembly and tested in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 13.11.01-印尼锅炉煤0international quality certification system standards.In Indonesia,micropowder plant for machining of the steam coal is one of the most popular products for the industry in the mining and the boiler.