Columbia Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener Improve The Purity Of Bauxite

The Distribution Of Bauxite In Columbia

131121--马里铝矾土4The mining area of Colombia is mainly in Cauca Cauca – Barre area. The mine is located between, the Western Cordillera mountains, weathered laterite deposit, mineralization Pliocene era. Mine consists of five separate deposits, of which Morales and Kagi marked with the maximum deposit. Morales deposit reserves of about 20 million tons of aluminum content of 30.8%, suggesting that reserves of 43 million tons. Therefore, ensuring the rich bauxite to be used in the mining industry, achieved through a wide range of uses,the beneficiation is essential.

Columbia Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener

Zenith is the production of mining machinery experts. Especially in mineral processing equipment, a variety of more experienced. For bauxite mining, because the bauxite texture is softer, crushing and milling processes are relatively easy process. So dressing becomes essential. Typically in Colombia, we use Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener as the main bauxite beneficiation equipment.

NZ-center-drive-thickener     NG-Peripheral-Traction-Thickener

Zenitn thickener has advantages of compact structure, easy to install and overhaul, efficient driving and capable processing.Peripheral traction thickener is suitable for condensing beneficial ore and dewatering waste ore. The rake is truss, the drive type is divided to roller type and rack type; the drive gear is motor direct cycloid pin wheel reducer or ZQ reducer.

In Columbia, this thickner is not only suitable for the benefication of the bauxite,it is also widely used in coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, nonmetallic mineral dressing, environmental protection and other industries, this concentrator is specially suitable for provide bauxite concentrate.

Features Of Bauxite Peripheral Traction Thickener

  1. Its tank is usually made of concrete that give it a big capacity.
  2. Adding flocculant sedimentation particle size of solid particles, so as to speed up the settling velocity.
  3. Furnish inclined plate, shortening the distance between particles sedimentation increase the subsidence area.
  4. Play mud deposited thick layer of flocculation, filtration, compression, and enhance the role of capacity.
  5. Equipped with full automatic control facilities.
  6. In order to charge the motor, annular nodes are arranged on the central support.

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