Tracked Mobile Bauxite Screening Plant In Indonesia Owns Good Flexible And Cooperation With Other Machine

Indonesia Bauxite Resource131121--马里铝矾土7

Indonesia’s bauxite reserves is 1.9 billion tons of proven reserves of 24 million tons, mainly in Bangka and Belitung, West Kalimantan and Riau. Annual production of 2004 is 1.33 million tons, exports 1.1 million tons. At present, the work of bauxite mining by the Indonesian state-owned mining company, mining sites, mainly in Riau and Batam Penn West Kalimantan Province. Indonesia’s domestic demand for bauxite little, although Indonesia Alcoa, but it is usually directly as Australia imports of aluminum from abroad.

Tracked Mobile Bauxite Screening Plant in Indonesia

131123--移动破碎站4Zenith tracked mobile bauxite screening plant in indonesia play an important role in the bauxite prcessing.Usually the screening equipment of production line is used to grade processing equipment for crushing processing into the material.

It can alleviate the equipment production line of main work pressure and have a very good grading for materials,regardless of a screening device the material any kind essential ore production line.The small amplitude, high frequency, large dip angle structure makes the machine high screening efficiency, large quantity.

Features of Tracked Mobile Bauxite Screening Plant

  1. With the track-mounted screen,you can choose flexibly and accurately the end product fractions to be screened
  2. Sieve beam and screen box adopts high strength bolt, simple structure, strong commonality, easy maintenance.
  3. Easy to adapt and flexible to collocate with other machine, meeting the different product requirements of different customers.
  4. A rubber vibration isolation spring, resonance region smoothly and low noise.Vibrator with large clearance of bearing, thin oil lubrication and long life.
  5. Advanced technology. With eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust the amplitude, the forced vibration sieve box, vibration force is strong,easy to adjuste,low power consumption.

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