Mali Impact Crusher For Bauxite Crushing With High Efficiency And Saves Energy

Mali Bauxite Resource

The underground of Mali is rich in bauxite resources,to develop an area of 3480 square kilometers, reserves estimated at 1.2 billion tons. According to the probe, Falei A 131121--马里铝矾土15region bauxite reserves of 330 million tons. It is reported by the relevant media, CAMEC general manager, held at its headquarters in Bamako bauxite development roundtable announced that the company will in Mali near the border with Guinea Falei A founder of a bauxite industrial production enterprises, and was put into commercial operation in 2015.

Mali Impact Crusher For Bauxite

131121--马里铝矾土9Zenith is a mining machinery enterprises specializing in the production of crushing and grinding equipment. In 30 years, the company’s products are sold both at home and abroad more than 100 countries and regions. Among them, Zenith impact crusher for bauxite in Mali has gained good reputation in the industry.

Mali impact crusher for bauxite which can also be called bauxite impact breaker is a new type highly efficient crushing machine with the advantages of small size, simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high production capacity, even product granularity and selective rock crushing. As a promising crushing equipment,the biggest disadvantages of the crusher is that the hammer plate and the impacting plate are made of high chromium,which is abrasion and wear resistance.

Advantage Of The Mali Impact Crusher For Bauxite

  1. The whole crushing process is simplified.
  2. The final product is in the shape of cube and the discharged granularity can be adjusted.
  3. New anti-abrasion material prolongs the service life of the plate hammer, impacting plate and the lining board.
  4. It is more convenient for maintenance and changing the easy-wearing parts.
  5. Multiple crushing chambers for even crushing, thus suitable for crushing medium hard rocks.
  6. Big and low material feeding mouth is convenient for arranging the production line and increasing the size of the material feeding.
  7. The unique structure of the machine makes the discharged materials in smaller granularity diameter and cube shape and without internal lines.
  8. The impact crusher use high chromium plate hammer and unique impacting lining board,crushing hard rocks with high efficiency and saves energy.

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