Does The Chicken Weight Gain With Barite Poisonous?

131106--世界重晶石加工Recently,somewhere in China,the police seized suspected perfusion barytes powder nearly a thousand chickens. Inspection by the local CIQ confirmed it is potting compound mainly barite powder, barium sulfate containing up to 66.63%.People can not help but worry that is it safe eating chicken was infused with barite? According to sources, to chickens perfusion barytes powder, mainly in order to increase the weight, from which illegal profits.

Barite barium sulfate is important minerals for the preparation of barium and barium compounds,containing about 65.7% of barium sulfate and 34.3% of the sulfur 131116--重晶石0trioxide. In the early 19th century, people began to paint using barite as filler for oil and gas drilling mud weighting agent. Barium sulfate for the production of white pigments, fillers can be used in the coloring agent of rubber. When people are suspected to have gastrointestinal disease, doctors often recommend that patients do gastrointestinal contrast,patients swallow the toothpaste-like shape of the contrast agent is barium sulfate. Since man can swallow barium sulfate, then the chickens will produce barite powder is poured toxicity do?

  • First, patients using barium sulfate contrast agent has reached the pharmaceutical purity standards and chickens were perfused barite powder or uncut state.
  • Secondly, in nature,barite often coexist with barium carbonate mineral called Witherite, it’s chemical properties is different from barite. Barium compounds on human toxicity depends on its water solubility. Witherite is a soluble barium salt.
  • Finally, Witherite enters the body, the skeletal muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac cause irritation and stimulant. Myocardial soluble barium salt by the toxic effects of myocardial stress and conductivity changes, severe poisoning can occur heart block, ectopic rhythm and ventricular fibrillation, the patient can die of cardiac arrest.


Law enforcement officers seized “barite chickens” on the highway for a trek from Guizhou to Chongqing.But came without the emergence of an unexpected death, from the “barite chickens” performance point of view,it does not appear barium poisoning. Clinically, the acute toxicity of barium minutes incubation period can be as short in most cases the incidence of 0.5-4 hours.

131106--世界重晶石加工2Barite powder for each live chickens to hundreds of grams of weight gain, but also ensure that chickens accidental poisoning does not occur, the perpetrators must be done in advance of the pre-study and observation. In view of this, the fraud is even worse. Nature of the material is also a lot of high specific gravity, for money wanton act, of course, the victims are innocent consumers.



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