Barite Market Development Prospects


The main users of barite is petroleum and chemical industries.To the countries which petroleum industry is relatively developed, more than 50% barite production for oil and geological drilling,According to statistics, every drilling rig will consume one ton 30 meters barite powder,so bring greater consumption. In the chemical industry, production of various barium salt and barite have a fixed relationship between the consumption of raw materials and the barite consumption is also great.

131116-重晶石产品(市场趋势0Currently, the world production of barite upward trend will continue, but the growth rate of most of the world’s oil and gas industry depends on the project scale of drilling. According to the data , in 1996 the world barite production was 4.415 million tons , compared with an increase of 1.35% in 1995 . At present, China has become the world’s largest producer of barite , the annual output is 1.5 million tons , accounting for 34% of world production.There are other major producing countries, Mexico , the former Soviet Union, the United States, India, Turkey and Morocco.

Development Strategy

Throughout the world barite market , China occupies an important position barite products.With annual export volume of 100 million tons, the total world exports around 60%. Should take full advantage of the current international market demand barite increased prices favorable opportunity to adjust the export product structure and expand the proportion of exports powdered products.To export less and earning more than the amount of direction.



World barite reserves of about 910 million tons , the world’s per capita consumption of 0.18 tons / person. At present, China barite reserves of about 140 million tons , about 0.13 tons per capita / person , according to the forecast , by 2000 , the annual demand for barite is about 750,000 tons , the annual average growth rate of 3.2% Therefore , the availability of resources barite mine life of approximately 70 years. This requires us to strengthen the barite resources seriously because it substitute difficult not rich resources , the proposed export should be limited to protect the barite resources.



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