Turkey Barite Vibrating Screen Equipment Is Durable And Flexible

Turkey Barite Situation
YK Series vibrating-screen

Turkey is a country in Western Asia. It is the hub of the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Vast majority of domestic is plateau, mountains, minerals barite reserves in the world.The Angora and Turkish carpets world famous. Currently, the world’s barite resources development and utilization of sedimentary deposits, epithermal deposits and weathered residual deposits of barite Turkey belongs to sedimentary deposits, more easy to develop.

Turkey Barite Vibrating Screen Equipment

Zenith is a professional company for manufacturing mining equipment.We suppliy all kinds of crushing and grinding equipment.Of course,the auxiliary equipment is also essential.In Turkey,the Barite Vibrating Screen Equipment is playing an important role in the barite production line.

Turkey Barite Vibrating Screen Equipment operate on the freefall principle have been developed as an alternative to conventional screens.They are used successfully in


both mobile and stationary a great range of screens for all applications plants. Zenith have further developed simple free-fall screening by building each deck in several sections and optimizing the inclination of the deck sections. Free-fall screens can be built much shorter and with smaller footprint than conventional screens of comparable capacities.

Sometimes, non-abrasive, soft or sticky materials and materials with high moisture content are best screened with equipment that does not rely on vibration as an operating principle. Zenith offers roller screens that are ideal for careful screening of such materials.

Performance Features Of  The Gravel Screen

1. Ring groove rivet connections, advanced structure, strong and durable.
2. To adopt a sieve and the sieve box beams using high strength bolts, simple structure, convenient maintenance.
3. Easy adjustment and assembly, light, small, convenient maintenance and dust prevention when in closed body.
4. Structure, advanced, using block eccentric as the excitation power, excitation and strong, with low power consumption, low noise.
5. To deploy tire couplings, flexible connection, running smoothly.


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