USA Barite 300-400TPH Production Line With Distinct Phases And Techniques

USA Barite Mineral Production

USA is the world’s largest barite production and consumption country.Barite is an important mineral containing barium and have high percentage(4.3-4.7),low hardness 131107--保加利亚重晶石加工0(3-3.5),chemically stable,insoluble in water and acid,barite powder is mainly used in petroleum,chemical,paint,fillers and other industrial sectors of which 80% -90% for oil drilling mud weighting agent.Over the years,the USA barite production on the decline,but in 1987 the U.S. barite production increased by more than 15.8% in 1986, consumption increased by 6.9%.

Procedure Of USA Barite 300-400TPH Production Line

The barite production line involves several distinct phases and techniques, for example washing, jigging, heavy media separation, tabling, flotation, and magnetic separation.

Firstly,the raw material containing barite is crushed roughly and elaborately (this process normally includes two cycle),through the reduplicative crushing process, the materials can be transported to the rotary kiln by belt conveyor for high temperature roasting. Hereafter, transporting the nubby materials to the flotation machine for flotation dressing, after where it is finished barite. This barite also can be dried in the rotary dryers, for further processing.


Then,Just as other mineral mining process, the barite ore should commonly be removed,crushed and grinded for size reduction and after that beneficiated or concentrated for refining high quality barite materials.To achieve this, the barite ore will be first crushed then it will have to be roasted to convert sulfides to oxides that are smelted for making matte.

Lastly,after a variety of refining procedures,the last step is electrolytic.To pertect economic and environmental reasons,most of the byproducts of extraction are recycled. Variations of mining machinery are involved in the barite processing production line.

Constitution Of The USA Barite 300-400TPH Production Line

USA Barite 300-400TPH Production Line is made by Zenith excellent designers.With the world-class technology,the barite production line is equip with high PE-jaw-crusherperformence equipment.According to world market demand and customers’ requirements, we have developed comprehensive series of barite processing production line including:

  1. Barite Crushing Plant:Barite jaw crusher,Barite impact crusher,Barite cone crusher,Barite mobile crushing machine.
  2. Barite Grinding Plant:Barite high pressure mill,Barite ball mill,Barite ultrafine mill,Barite vertical mill.
  3. Barite Benefication Machine: jigging machine, heavy media separator, tabling, flotation machine, and magnetic separator etc.

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