Iran Barite 250-300tph Production Line Provide The Most Comprehensive Service

Application Of Barite In Iran131111--越南重晶石2

Barite is one kind of sulfate minerals and the mineral crystal is transparent to translucent.Barite chemical formula is BaSO4.It is composed of 65.7% of BaO and 34.3% of SO3.Barite is orthorhombic and the hardness is 3-3.5,density is 4.5g/cm3.

At present,in Iran,barite consumption is about 80% as mud weighting agent and the other 20% is mainly used for new building materials,paints,plastics,rubber,paper and glass industries,as well as a small amount used in medicine and anti-atomic radiation and other fields.

Iran 250-300TPH Barite Production Line

13.10.15--铜矿石破碎5Iran is the world’s top ten exporters of barite.Iran has a very rich experience in the industry and imported the barite processing equipment to services for the domestic industry production.

Shanghai Zenith Mining and Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is the partners of Iran barite processing industry over the years.Zenith offers a range of high performance crushing equipment,milling equipment and some ore screening,auxiliary processing equipment.Zenith proudest product is mine production line.Over the years,Iran 250-300TPH Barite Production Line which Zenith exports to Iran has been popular and becoming the mainstream of barite processing equipment.

Service of Iran 250-300TPH Barite Production Line

Zenith has branches and agents all over the world, you can use a variety of different ways to contact us.Zenith provides you the most comprehensive pre-sales consulting services,the most intimate sale testing services and the most efficient after-sales logistics services.Zenith is the good choice for all kinds of ore pressing.

Technical Parameters Of Barite Production Line

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
Barite Hopper LC3000X4000 1
I Barite Vibrating Feeder GZD1100X4200 15 1
II Barite Jaw Crusher PE750x1060 110 1
III Barite Impact Crusher PFW1315 160 1
Barite Vribrating Screen 3YK2160 30 1

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