Hydraulic Barite Tertiary Cone Crusher In Vietnam Is More Stable And Efficient

Barite In Vietnam

Vietnam is rich in mineral resources and an important export countries of barite.Trade and Industry Bureau of Xuanguang Provincial Vietnam revealed inApril 18,that 131111--越南重晶石2“the provincial government recently has approved consent province barite mining and processing enterprises to export products.To meet domestic demand premise,2011-2015 stage barite export quotas of 7 tons / year”.Xuanguang owns six provinces barite processing enterprises and a total of 13 production lines with annual production capacity of 320,000 tons,most of the products for the domestic oil and gas industry.

Barite Tertiary Cone Crusher In Vietnam

As a world-renowned mining machinery manufacturing enterprises,Zenith’s products are sold in more than 130 countries.In Vietnam,barite tertiary cone crusher is a very important industry equipment.Absorbing the world advanced level,based on the combination of many years of customer feedback,Zenith’s barite tertiary cone 131111--越南重晶石0crusher produced a series high performance crusher.

The Mohs hardness of barite is 3.5-4.In the process,we often need to make multiple barite crushing to achieve the desired effect.In Vietnam,generally after barite jaw crusher for barite primary crushing,barite impact crusher for barite secondary crushing,barite cone crusher for barite tertiary crushing.Eventually,the barite finished product should reach about 3mm before you begin milling and beneficiation.

Advantage of Barite Tertiary Cone Crusher

  1. Hydraulic adjustment device could increase the automation level, at the same time improving working efficiency and reducing labor cost.
  2. Cone crusher is designed with four types for coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing.
  3. Spring lock device can maintain the crusher in a stable working condition. It can also provide iron-release protection to the crushing chamber.
  4. Lubrication system is structured with temperature monitor device to control temperature and pressure of oil in good level.
  5. Hydraulic cone crusher is more stable and efficient than compound cone crusher.

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