Barite 120-150tph Production Line In Algeria With Interrelated Capacity Runs Smoothly

Barite Resource In Algeria

131106--世界重晶石加工3In Algeria,the Barite reserves ranks Africa’s second place.The barite deposits found in northern Algeria are: wood Zarb vein deposits,reserving of 2.15 million
tons,BaSO4 content of 90%,A Fensu,Bu Mani,Siddhi worthy Bell deposit.In Bei Saer,it district with Islamic burqa,Abba de barite veins fields.Thus,in Algeria,the development of barite received widespread attention.

Barite Process Flow In Algeria

In Algeria,barite must go through a series of processing to ensure the production.Typically,barite processing include:barite coarse crushing,barite fine crushing,barite screening,barite milling,barite mineral processing steps an so on.Any processing sectors are very important and we can choose the right equipment to compose a barite production line.

Discreteness Of The Barite 120-150TPH Production Line131111-阿尔及利亚重晶石0

Zenith120-150 barite production line mainly include:barite jaw crusher,barite impact crusher,barite cone crusher,barite vibrating screen,barite grinding mill,barite classifier, barite flotation machine,barite magnetic separator and some other barite transmission, drying equipment.

Advantage Of Zenith Barite 120-150TPH Production Line

  1. The whole production line is equipped with high-performance crushing and milling equipment,to ensure energy efficient.
  2. Stable operation,less vibration,low noise,good for the environment.
  3. The equipment capacity interrelated, so that the entire production line running smoothly.



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