Barite Primary Crusher In NKO With Deep “V”Design

NKO Barite Resources Status

NKO owns a variety of rich mineral resources and it is entitled “useful mineral specimens room”.In NKO,the mineral reserves with economic development 131109--朝鲜重晶石2value accounted for 80% of the land area.

There are more than 300 kinds of proven mineral, including 200 kinds of minerals with economic development value. Barite is also the one of the most abundant non-metallic minerals.Barite is versatile and in short supply for the market,better prospects,potential,profitable.

NKO Barite Crushing Flow

Because barite Mohs hardness 3-3.5,the barite crushing process is not simple.In NKO,usually barite crushing need to go through:primary crushing,secondary crushing and tertiary crushing.Depending on the size broken requirements,we need different crushing equipment.Primary crushing is a fundamental step in the entire crushing.It directly affects the whole process barite.Therefore,barite primary crushing equipment is very important.

Barite Primary Crusher In NKO

NKO is a major exporter of barite and also the Zenith partners for many years.Zenith every year a large number of mining processing equipment exports to NKO. Barite 131109--朝鲜重晶石0primary crusher in NKO is a device that is very representative.

Barite primary crusher in NKO is a series of jaw crusher,include the PE barite jaw crusher and PEW barite Jaw Crusher.With the world’s most advanced crushing and manufacturing technology,Barite primary crusher in NKO is mainly used for secondary and tertiary crushing of barite and also other various medium-hard ores and rocks etc.

The unique deep ”V’design makes this series crusher achieve perfect combination between crushing efficiency and operating cost.Barite primary crusher in NKO is an efficient product which is the first choice for crushing high hard and strong abrasive material.

  1. 1High technology
  2. Several different models
  3. Flexible discharge opening
  4. Easy to install and operate
  5. Easy to and maintain

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