Advanced Turkey Barite ore dressing equipment

Turkey Barite ore dressing

8Turkey mainly has two barite production company, namely Ado mining companies and Baser mining company.The total annual capacity is up to 200000 t, and 2002 annual production of about 120,000 t.In Turkey,the two companies beneficiation processes are walking in the forefront of the industry.Let us learn more about their advanced technique together.

Turkey Barite ore dressing flow and equipment

In Turkey,both of the two companies use reelection process for the processing of barite ore.We can use jaw crusher as the main barite crushing equipment and the jig as advanced major equipment for barite ore separation and purification.detailed description of the process is as the following.As customer require that the production process may not have dust,it is proposed to add water in the crushing process,in order to reduce dust when crushing.

  • 1. Crushing Process–Brittle as the barite,the crushing process mainly uses the barite jaw crusher which is simple and practical.Two-stage crushing process for mining large barite crushing can reach an effective jig selected size range.A barite jaw crusher PE400 * 600 is recommended as primary crushing.A barite jaw crusher PEF250 * 1000 is recommended as two stage fine crushing.


  • 2. Screening Process–Jig is more stringent in grain sorting of materials.General requirements for classification, in order to achieve better beneficiation indicators and high processing capacity.Therefore,It is needed to be set on screening process in the re-election process barite processing.Screening process use a circular vibrating screen with large capacity,high efficiency,simple and practical. This type vibrating screen has the feature of shaker failure rate, large capacity,high efficiency,easy operation.It is ideal for barite ore screening equipment.
  • 3. Buffering Process–Jig work requires uniform and stable to the ore,so the jig before the best setting for buffering mechanism and equipment such as hopper and feeder,which function is to avoid equipment workload instability, instead bacame uniform and stable material fed into the jig.The presence of these two auxiliary equipment a vital role for jig to work efficiently and proper.
  • 4. Jig Separation Process–Since the crushing process inevitably produces fine materials,it is recommended two modes of the jigger is prepare for the different size.First,processing the 10-30mm coarse barite.Second,processing fine barite ore of 0-10mm.
  • 5. Dehydration Process–Used in good drying machine for barite concentrate for dewatering.

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