Stable and reliable barite vibrating screen in Bulgaria

Bulgaria barite status

Barite is a non-metallic mineral which main component is barium sulfate.It has the following characteristics,high density,low hardness,chemically stable,insoluble in 131107--保加利亚重晶石加工1jpgwater and hydrochloric acid,non-toxic,non-magnetic and so on.

Currently,about 80% of the world barite consumption are used for mud weighting agent,the other 20% is mainly used for new building materials,paints,plastics,rubber,paper and glass industries,as well as a small amount used in medicine and anti-atomic radiation and other fields.In Bulgaria,the line is being used in the production of special cement barite.

Important of barite vibrating screen Bulgaria

131107--保加利亚重晶石加工0In barite processing projects,barite vibrating screen is not the most important equipment,but it is an essential tool.It can make a simple classification of the material, reducing the pressure of crusher for broken,thereby extending the life of the crusher.On the other hand,vibrating screen also ensure the entire production line running smoothly.Currently,Bulgaria barite vibrating screen has been widely used in mining,coal,metallurgy,building materials,refractories,light industry,chemical industry.It has the following features:

  • 1, due to the strong vibration of sieve box,the material never clogging the sieve,thus making a sieve with high screening efficiency and productivity.
  • 2, simple structure, easy removable screen surface.
  • 3, the screening of electricity consumed per ton of material less.
  • 4, stable and reliable, low noise, long life.

Zenith Vibrating screen design for barite

Zenith stable and reliable vibrating screen for barite crushing process in Bulgaria is of best design and it is mainly made up of the screen box, exciter, suspension (or support) system, electric motors and other components.The electric motor through V-belt drive the vibration exciter spindle to rotate and the centrifugal inertia force of imbalanced weight on the vibration exciter makes the screen box vibrate. Changing the eccentric weight of vibration exciter can get different amplitude.



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