Zenith adjustable Turkey barite crusher with stable operation

Turkey barite situation

Barite is a non-renewable resources and it has a very important purpose in industry. In the mineral diversity, Turkey ranks 10th in the world, is now producing about 60 kinds of 131106--世界重晶石加工minerals.The barite annual production has been stable at about 300 tons.Turkey barite production company mainly has two,namely Ado mining companies and Baser mining company,total annual capacity of up to 200 000 t, 2002 annual production of about 120,000 t.

Turkey barite crusher

jaw-crusherZenith have been trading partners with Ado and Baser which is two barite companies for many years.Since 2005,Ado company began purchasing Zenith barite processing equipment and its barite production in the industry has improved greatly.

Zenith is a specialized international company of mining machinery.Over the years,Zenith mainly engaged in crushing and grinding products.Especially barite series processed products has been around the world barite processing enterprises alike.Zenith barite crusher are based on many years of production experience and the company’s top designers production research and development.It has the following advantages:

  • Simple structure
  • Stable operation
  • High crushing efficiency
  • Unit energy consumption
  • The particle size is adjustable
  • Wide adaptation of materials
  • Quickly matched with other equipment

Description of Turkey barite crusher

In Turkey, Zenith barite crusher mainly includes:

  •  PE barite jaw crusher
  • PEW barite jaw crusher
  • HCS barite hydraulic cylinder cone crusher
  • S barite cone crusher
  • PFW barite impact crusher
  • PF barite impact crusher
  • B barite deep rotor vertical shaft impact crusher
  • B barite VSI crusher



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