World industrial barite process and device

Barite world reserves

There are 45 countries and regions in the production of barite in the world.There are 27 countries which yields more than 10,000 t and 8 countries with yield more than 100,000 131106--世界重晶石加工1t.2002 World barite production is estimated at 5.96 million t,compared with 2001 decreased by 60 million t,which is down 9.15 percent.

Chinese production of 3.1 million t,accounting for 52.091% of world production, is still ranked first in the world; India 600,000 t accounted for 10.07%,Morocco accounted for 7.90% 471 100 t,the United States accounted for 7.05% 420,000 t.

Industrial barite process and device

Currently,in the development process of industrial of the world,the barite plays an irreplaceable role.Each country in the regard of the processing of bariteis is very common and barite processing steps are as follows:

First stage: Crushing and Screening

  • Chunks of barite evenly sent to jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher station for coarsely crush by vibrating feeder and through the silo;
  • After barite crushing through vibrating screening,it will be sent to the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for the intermediate crushing by the belt conveyor;
  • Barite after the broken material into multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for finely crushing.

Used crusher equipment:Zenith barite jaw crusher,Zenith barite cone crusher and so on.

131106--世界重晶石加工2Second stage: Grinding Flour

The barite powder with 0-12mm after processed by the vibrating screen will be evenly sent a ball mill grinding and screening by a spiral classifier.The barite powder does not meet the requirements to continue to be fed into the ball mill for grinding.

Used equipment:Zenith barite ball mill,Zenith barite spiral classifier and so on.

Third stage: Magnetic

Magnetic will meet the requirements of barite powder were mixed into the Zenith barite flotation machine for flotation.

Fourth stage: Drying

Sent the resultant barite powder into your dryer and yoy can get barite concentrates.

Changes of world barite market

In recent years,an important change of the supply for barite market is the U.S. production continued to decline, instesd,Chinese production is rising sharply.Such as the annual 131106--世界重晶石加工output if U.S. 1999 is of 434,000 t, 2000 years is 392 000 t, 2001 years is 400 000 t,while,China in 1999 was 2.8 million t,2001 years to 3.8 million t. Thus, the Chinese market is a heavy stone rare treasure.


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