India 80-120tph cost saving barite production line

India barite market

India is the second largest producer of barite,the annual production of barite is about 600,000 t in 2002,which down 29.41%. Barite production different from the relatively 13.10.18--印度2dispersed of Chinese characteristics.all from India, all of the barite come from the Mangampet deposit of Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah County.It is the world’s largest barite deposits and the barite reserve base of 70 million t.
In 2002,In order to improve the competitiveness of India barite in the international market,the Indian government set up a special committee to study the related methods and measures.

India 80-120tph barite production line

Our common barite Mohs hardness is generally between 2.5 to 3. Therefore, barite is a relatively soft material and be processed easily.Commonly in India the barite processing flow including :barite crushing,barite milling and barite beneficiation. These three steps can be divided into different small steps.

In India, our production line is equipped with a variety of barite processing equipment.The India 80-120tph barite production line configuration is as follows:

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
  Barite Hopper LC3000X4000   1
I Barite Vribrating Feeder GZD960X3800 11 1
II Barite Jaw Crusher PE600x900 75 1
III Barite Impact Crusher PFW1214III 132 1
Barite Vribrating Screen 3YK1860 22 1
Barite Belt
NO. Name Length(m) Motor(KW) Number
B1 B800 18 7.5 1
B2 B800 23 11 1
B3 B500 25 7.5 1
B4 B500 20 5.5 3
B5 B500 15 5.5 1

Customer feedback of the India barite production line

Mrs.Benson is one of our important India customer.Basically,he buy a barite production equipment almost every year.Because under the help of Zenith high efficient equipment,it has a more and more high production of barite and so on.In India, at first he uses India 80-120tph barite production line.After the expansion of production scale, the device can only be replaced by higher yields.ore-beneficiation-banner

The following are some feedback of Zenith products he uses:

Zenith’s India 80-120tph barite production line running very smooth,each machine runs very smoothly,without noise,and this barite production line equipped with high-performance processing equipment and can greatly improve the heavy stone production efficiency.There is also a secret,I found after a month that the power of Zenith’s India 80-120tph barite production line is dispense 30% of the cost of production after continuous operation up to a month for me,which greatly reduces the cost.


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