Micropowder plant for machining of the steam coal in Indonesia

What is the steam coal?

In Indonesia,steam coal is the coal with the highest degree of coalification,low volatile,heavy,high hardness.When burning flame is short,strong firepower,less smoke.It is usually13.11.01-印尼锅炉煤1powered fuel for civilian and good quality anthracite coal gasification can be used for raw materials,blast furnace and sinter ore fuels and a variety of large boiler heating fuels.

Micropowder plant for machining of the steam coal

Micropowder plant to machining the steam coal is not the ordinary coal crusher.In Indonesia,Zenith MTM130X Series 13.11.01-菲律宾煤01Strengthened Ultrafine Mill provide super fine coal powder.

Zenith MTM130X Series Strengthened Ultrafine Mill have a soft connection between machine body and base,non-rigid contact,which avoids to much passing of vibration from the grinding chamber to the machine body.Classifier applies high-density blade and it is easy to adjust the by equipping frequency control system.

We can make small adjustments to the machine,to achieve adjustemt for the fineness of the steam coal.The largest yield can be 4-13tph and the fine coal powder is up to 0.38mm.

Supplier of the micropowder plant for steam coal

Zenith is professional engaged in the production of crushing and milling plant.All products is designed,producted,assembly and tested in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 13.11.01-印尼锅炉煤0international quality certification system standards.In Indonesia,micropowder plant for machining of the steam coal is one of the most popular products for the industry in the mining and the boiler.


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