Coal power plant in the philippines with safer usage and reliable performance

Processing of coal in the Philippines

In the Philippines,Calorific value of coal is an important indicator of coal and also the basis for calculate the heat balance,the amount of coal,thermal efficiency.To achieve 13.11.01-菲律宾煤2maximum calorific value of coal,we must process the native large pieces of coal.In general,the processing of coal include: primary crushing of coal,secondary crushing of coal,tertiary crushing of coal, the coal milling.

Coal power plant in the Philippines

13.11.01-菲律宾煤0According to the use of coal,there are many coal milling equipment.The processing of coal for domestic heating and for industrial.Certainly not the same degree of processing.however,the majority of the coal mined have to go through the power making plant can be processed into a desired size.Coal processing plant commonly used are:Zenith coal mill.

Zenith coal mill is an important coal power plant for coal-powder furnace.Compared with the traditional ball mill,it has advantages of higher 13.11.01-菲律宾煤3capacity,more convenient operation,safer usage, and more reliable performance.

It has three methods to crush the coal lump and grind them into powder,which is crushing,impacting and grinding.Coal mill is used to grind,pulverize and dry coal before the coal is transmitted the boiler.

The role of coal in the Philippines

In the Philippines,coal is an important energy source,but also is an important raw material of the metallurgical, chemical industry.In industrial processes,if processing the coal into powder,

  • It can effectively improve the air contact area of the coal,increasing the flammability of the coal,ensuring full combustion reached,thus saving the coal resources.
  • The use of pulverized coal powder can be burned out to contain harmful ingredients,ensuring the quality of air in the vicinity and achieving environmental results.



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