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Rental equipment to crush concrete in St. Tammany, LA

Current situation of St. Tammany, LA

In St. Tammany, LA,In recent years the city progress more quickly,this will also bring a lot of problems, most notably in the environmental 13.10.29-混凝土破碎0pollution.In urban construction process,a lot of construction waste continue to produce,seriously affecting the ecology but continued development.Even cause a waste of resources to some extent.

Equipment to crush concrete in St. Tammany, LA

To the present situation of construction waste, most of them are concrete.That how to deal with these construction waste it? Yes, crushed A concrete crushing equipment of Zenith would solve all problems.

13.10.29-混凝土破碎1Zenith concrete crushing equipment is mainly to meet the rock crushing work and product use,which is developed to make full use of cone crusher crushing ability,high processing efficiency, etc.The production of higher hardness and fine-grained application of products.

In St. Tammany, LA,Zenith concrete crushing equipment are engineered for maximum cone crushing productivity.Each plant features a cone crusher that delivers efficient material sizing, making them perfect for both mobile and stationary producers who need quick,effortless on-site movement.Configuration of the cone crusher can be adjusted according to the actual needs for different type of crushing cavity, expand the use of the counterattack broken mobile crushing station application area and use range.

Rental equipment to crush concrete in St. Tammany, LA

As is known to all,the concrete crushing equipment has a wide application,but the price of the concrete crushing equipment is a little expensive.Zenith is not only provide you the new concrete crushing equipment,In St. Tammany, LA,some concrete treatment projects are temporary and the frequency of use is not high.So in order to save costs,Zenith can provide you some of the good performance of the concrete equipment.So that both can solve concrete environmental pollution,but also can achieve the purpose of cost savings.

Tracked mobile cone crushing plant


Manganese ore beneficiation in the world

Manganese small knowledge

Manganese (Mn) is a hard, silvery white metal with a melting point of 1,244 °C (2,271 °F). Ordinarily too brittle to be of structural value itself, it13.9.16-锰0 is an essential agent in steelmaking, in which it removes impurities such as sulfur and oxygen and adds important physical properties to the metal. For these purposes it is most often employed as a ferromanganese or silicomanganese alloy; as a pure metal it is added to certain nonferrous alloys.

World manganese ore beneficiation methods

Although the type of manganese ore more,but the basic approach is and weakly magnetic beneficiation of iron ore beneficiation methods similar.Its unique point is:

  1. Processing methods is more and more used in conjunction with the Joint process almost every one job to produce qualified concentrates.
  2. Because manganese ore resources are concentrated,so the size of the mill generally relatively large.If the former Soviet Union was handling 30 million tons of ore in 19 plant processing,in which the Poko Rove Nikopol mill scale reached 6,000,000 tons, annual output of 2.6 million tons ore. Trout Island ore processing plant of 2.5 million tons, 1.25 million tons produced concentrates.13.10.19--秘鲁2
  3. High product quality.Manganese ore in the most country is high grade, dressing effect,the product quality is also high.South Africa also only manganese ore by crushing, washing, products reached 40-48% manganese,Australian average head grade of 33%, up to 42-50% manganese ore; Gabon manganese ore beneficiation by heavy media up to 49 manganese -50%,Soviet Poko Rove concentrator processing 17.5% manganese carbonate manganese ore, manganese ore by 28.6%.
  4. To adapt to the expansion of the mill and its equipment is also increasingly large.
  5. High degree of automation.
  6. Beneficiation processes and equipment continue to improve and update.
  7. The product deep processing:some of the production of manganese ore countries,a new trend is the development of the commodity manganese ore further processing into products instead of ore exports in order to increase economic efficiency.

Mining of Georgia low grade manganese ore resources

History of the use of manganese ore

Manganese has a long history of substance use,according to historical records,the world’s first use of manganese minerals countries is13.10.28-格鲁吉亚锰1 Egypt,Rome,India and China.Hill is the oldest mining manganese Tennessee Hui-Avon Stewart (Whitifeld) manganese ore,mining began in 1837,to 1884 Manganese ore production reached 40,000 t.

India is also one of the earlier manganese ore mining, mining began in 1892.In addition, manganese ore mined there earlier in Brazil,Ghana,Australia,Gabon,Georgia and other countries.One of the characteristics of the Georgian manganese ore is that most of the manganese ore in Georgia is low grade.

Mining plant for low grade manganese ore in Georgia

13.10.28-格鲁吉亚锰0As Zenith is a world leading company for mineral processing,we designed a set of mineral processing plant for all kinds of mine ore.In georgia,to the low grade manganese ore we also have a set of plant which is niche targeting.

Manganese ore crushing

Druing the manganese ore processing,we can use the Zenith PE manganese ore jaw crusher for a primary crushing,then the manganese ore will be crushed into 15-20mm.Then use the PF manganese ore impact crusher for the sencondary crushing,which will crush the manganese ore according to its texture and the material will be a cube.

Manganese ore grinding

By the Zenith HPC mangenese ore cone crusher,we can get the final product more perfect.It has many model to choose,by which we can obtain different size of manganese.If you want the manganese ore more fine,don’t worry,the LM vertical mill can help you.It will grinding ,drying,classificating you manganese ore and can make the final product less than 325 mush.
OK,just doing here you can go to a manganese ore mining processing.

Zenith comprehensive promotion for African Branch

At the end of August,Zenith comprehensive upgraded its African branch, including the management, the staff, etc.

As developing countries, Africa has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It’s well known that the infrastructure construction of Africa countries are not very
well, every government pay special attention to it. As a result, it brings the infrastructure construction market lots of chances. Also, it brings business opportunities to engineering machines industry.Zenith Africa branch locate in Nigeria, which is America’s biggest trade partner in in Sub-Saharan Africa. Because of its petroleum,


32Nigeria become the Emerging Market and has become one middle-income country. What’s more, Nigeria is also rich in many mineral resources. And the government encourage people develop the mining industry. Benefit from the African countries’ policy, Zenith has gotten a great many customers in Nigeria, South Africa, Libya, Congo and some other countries. Zenith crushers and quarry production line are heavily favored.


Talking about the localization strategy, the principal of Africa branch said:”We fully utilize the geographical advantages and offer 33customers complete service. In Nigeria, we have excellent technical engineers, installation engineers and parts warehouse. Whether the pre-sale, negotiation or the after-sale service, they are available.”
Now the upgrade work has finished, Zenith African branch will service the Africa customers in its new model, which is better than ever before.



Zenith Group will attend the 114th Canton Fair

On October 15th-19th ,Shanghai Zenith Group will attend the 114th Canton Fair which will be held ceremoniously in China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou,24 China.

As the most well-known and highest-level international trade event in China,this October Canton fair will welcome around 24,000 exhibitors and over 2 million visitors from over 211 countries all over the world .As one of the most top brand in manufacturing crushing, grinding and mining equipments, this time we will display our latest and most updated research achievements on equipments, share with you our rich experience on construction and mining industry . Also we bring you a magic gift, 7% discount. So hereby we sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth.


Hope Canton fair can be the bond of our friendship and bridge for our fruitful cooperation in the nearest future !

  • Exhibition Info: Shanghai Zenith Mining and Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Booth Number: 7.1C05 & 7.1C06
  • Exhibition Time: 2013.10.15 – 2013.10.19
  • Exhibition Place: China Import and Export Fair exhibition hall(NO.380, Middle Yuezhong Road, Haizhu Area, Guangzhou.)
  • Contact person: Ms Susan Zhou
  • Contact Number: +8613818666493
  • Fax: 0086-21-58385887
  • E-Mail: