Brief look of Arsenic

Arsenic is a toxic and known to metals, and there are many allotropes. Arsenic widely found in nature, there are hundreds of species of arsenic minerals have been found.Because 13.10.30--砷3of weak bonding between the layers, gray arsenic is brittle and has a relatively low Mohs hardness of 3.5.

Arsenic metal very rarely occurs in its pure form in nature. The most common arsenic mineral is arsenopyrite, a compound of iron, arsenic, and sulfur. Several other, less-common minerals contain arsenic, including orpiment, realgar, and enargite, which are arsenic sulfides.

Application of Arsenic

13.10.30--砷2Arsenic and its compounds are used in pesticides, herbicides, pesticides and many kinds of alloys.Formerly the most important use of arsenic compounds, was as an insecticide sprayed in fields and orchards.

Only about 5% of arsenic consumption is of the metallic element. Most of this is used to alloy (mix) arsenic with lead, copper, or other metals for specific uses.As a metalloid, arsenic is a semiconductor, like silicon.This means it conducts some electricity like a metal,but not all the electricity a true conductor like copper would conduct. Consequently, about 1/10 % of arsenic is consumed in the manufacture of gallium arsenide semiconductors for use in electronics. Some arsenic is also used in glass-making.

Source of Arsenic

Significant quantities of arsenic are associated with the copper-gold deposits in Chile, the Philippines, and many other countries. However, many countries produce by-product 13.10.30--砷1
arsenic from smelting of metal ores. China is by far the largest producer, with Chile, Mexico, and Peru also important, and lesser production from about a dozen other countries
with metal smelters.






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