Concrete overview

Concrete is defined by the cementitious material aggregated into the overall project cemented composite material collectively.Concrete is commonly 13.10.29--混凝土0used as a cementitious material with cement,sand,stone for aggregate and with water,additives and admixtures certain proportion by mixing,forming,curing concrete derived, also known as ordinary concrete.It is widely used in civil engineering.

Concrete characteristics

13.10.29--混凝土1Concrete has the characteristics of abundant raw materials,low cost,simple production process.Thus the amount of it is increasing.Meanwhile,concrete also has a high compressive strength,durability,strength grade wide range of features.These features make use of a very wide range,not only to use in a variety of civil engineering,but also in the shipbuilding,machinery,marine development,geothermal projects,concrete material is also important.

Concrete Category

Cement concrete is an artificial stone,using cement as cementing materials,mixing with water and coarse and fine aggregates and other materials,then obtained after pouring molding.New mixing unhardened concrete,typically a concrete mixture.There is a certain strength of hardened concrete, said hardened concrete.Usually refers to the concrete in pavement engineering,asphalt concrete is also a common concrete.

In addition, according to the compressive strength of concrete,it can be divided into: low-strength concrete (compressive strength less than 30MPa), medium-strength concrete (compressive strength 30-60Mpa) and high strength concrete (compressive strength greater than or equal 60MPa).Per cubic meters of cement can be divided into: lean concrete (cement content not exceeding 170kg) and rich concrete (cement content of not less than 230kg), etc.

Concrete applicationBecause very rugged durability of reinforced concrete structures,seismic,fire resistance,climate change and is easy to shape economic and other characteristics,it is widely used in building construction,bridges,paved roads,runways,railway sleepers,poles,retaining walls,retaining embankment,culverts,dams,water tanks,water towers,tanks, channels,ditches,piers,breakwaters,military bunkers,nuclear power plants and structures foundation piles,walls and other structures and so on.



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