Practical Australia manganese ore crushing device

Overview of Australia manganese ore13.10.25--澳大利亚锰矿石0

By the end of1998, the Australian manganese ore reserves 30 million tons,accounting for 4.4% of the world’s total reserves of 80 million tons, accounting for 1.6% of the world, ranking No. 5.Currently in Australia,the annual output is about 1 million tons of manganese ore,accounting for more than 10% of world production.Major producing mines in Groote island, deposit with proven and probable resources to 98 million tons,with an average of 49.7% manganese.

The way to process manganese ore

In any region, manganese ores are mined in order to be applied to all walks of life for process of production. At present, in different regions,manganese ore processing flow is basically no difference, typically include: manganese ore crushing, ore milling, manganese ore beneficiation.Manganese ore crushing is the most basic and most important steps in the processing of manganese ore.Accordingly,using what crushing equipment in this step is essential.

Practical Australia manganese ore crushing device

13.10.25--澳大利亚锰矿石1As we all know, manganese ore Mohs hardness of between 3.5-4.5.Therefore,manganese is softer material, we can choose impact crusher and so on, some of the performance, relevance and practical crushing equipment to carry out the processing of manganese ore.

SBM PFW Impact Crusher is the new generation production.It have the features of heavy duty rotor design,unique hammer locking system,interchangeable wearing parts,and easy maintenance.Automatic hydraulic open device, can quickly complete the plate hammer, the replacement of wearing parts, reduce downtime and maintenance time.

The hydraulic control system can be quickly adjust outlet size and grain size.Meanwhile, it has a wide range of application, particularly is suitable for crushing hard rock, such as basalt, river pebbles.Not to mention the softer materials such as manganese ore.

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