Gabon good grain crusher equipment for manganese ore

Background of Gabon manganese ore13.10.25-加蓬锰矿石0

Proven reserves of 250 million tons of manganese ore, there are three main areas contains rich manganese ore in Gabon, namely Moanda1.5 million tons, Franceville 6000 tons, Njie li 3000 tons. 2010, the annual output 3.2 million tons of manganese in Gabon, behind China (17 million tons), South Africa (7.5 million tons), Australia (6.7 million tons), the ranking fourth in the world.

Overview of the case in Australia

  • Manganese ore types: Appositional pattern manganese ore
  • Customer: Mr. Bart
  • Site: Moanda
  • Condition: Gabon no domestic manganese ore processing plant, low value-added products. Gabonese government hopes that by 2018 the proportion of manganese ore processing localized to 20% by 2025 this proportion will continue to increase to 35%.Mr. Bart began the development of manganese ore under the support of the government of Gabon.

Gabon good grain crusher equipment for manganese ore

13.10.25-加蓬锰矿石1Initial mining manganese ore, Mr. Bart does not have much experience.But he hired a senior beneficiation engineer Mr.Beck is a very professional and responsible engineers.Mr.Beck recommended a set of Zenith’s manganese ore crushing equipment to Bart.

In Gabon,these Zenith manganese ore crushing equipment including: manganese ore jaw crusher, manganese ore impact crusher, manganese ore cone crusher, manganese ore sand making crusher,manganese ore hammer crusher, etc.Each of them with unsurpassed performance,simple structure,stable operation and easy to maintenance.The use of first-class technology makes them high production efficiency and low energy consumption.

Particularly preferred is their processed products.Because they use a variety of “rock stone”,laminated crushing principle and equip with adjustable inlet and outlet,so that the finished product grain type tends to be more perfect which obtained from the Gabon good grain crusher equipmen.


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