coal power plant in the philippines

A knowledge about Philippines coal powder13.10.24--菲律宾0

In Philippines,Pulverized coal particle properties is made up of different sizes and irregular shape of coal powder.General pulverized coal particle diameter range of 0-1000 um, mostly 20-50 um particles.Pulverized coal has a very wide range of application.Cast iron with wet sand adding pulverized coal,can prevent the casting surface adhering sand, improve casting surface finish.For wet ductile iron parts, also can effectively prevent subcutaneous blowhole,circular vortex burner are available and the air without preheating.Pulverized coal has been widely used in power plant which can rapidly improve the efficiency of coal.

Coal powder plant in Philippines

13.10.24--菲律宾煤粉1How to make coal powder?This is a concern for many people in the industry.In Philippines,SBM Coal power plant is very popular in the metallurgical, chemical, thermal power and other departments.The SBM Coal power plant consist of eight parts,coal vibrating feeder, coal jaw crusher, coal impact crusher, coal cone crusher, coal vibrating screen, coal bucket elevator, coal powder intermediate speed mill and coal dryer,of course a conveyer belt is needed.

Philippines coal powder making process13.10.24--菲律宾煤粉0

In Philippines,you can use the coal vibrating feeder to sending the raw coal stones into the coal jaw crusher.Then the coal impact crusher is mainly used for secondary crushing.The coal stone is somewhat large,a coal cone crusher will make it the finer granules.These coal through the sieve of coal vibrating screen will be send to the coal bucket elevator,which will take the coal up to a certain height and into mill.With the coal powder intermediate speed mill,the coal powder is basically formed.Finally,use the coal dryer out of water in the coal powder.


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