Zenith equipment for drying clay materials

What is drying clay materials?

Drying clay materials is clay as raw materials (mainly bentonite), treated by inorganic acid, then through water rinse,dry sorbent.It’s appearance is milk white powder,odourless, 13.10.22--活性白土0tasteless,non-toxic,strong adsorption,can adsorption non-ferrous material,organic material.Easy absorption of moisture in the air,if placed too long will reduce the adsorption performance.Usually,the drying clay we used have been dried before.

What equipment for drying clay materials processing?

For the drying clay materials processing,we often choose the mothed to making powder.So a grinding mill is necessary.Some grinding mill for the drying clay materials have a dryer that we do not in addition to buy one.But if it not have a dryer,we should prepar a drying equipment aside.

How about Zenith equipment for drying clay materials?

MTM130x Series Strengthened ultrafine-millZenith a professional international enterprise for mining machinery production.Its products are exported to more than 130 countries in the world, the main products is divided into two series: crushing and grinding.You can choose Zenith grinding series production,such as,MTM130X series strengthened ultrafine mill,LM vertical grinding mill,MTW series trapezium mill,MQ series ball mill and so on.all of them have a dryer system with the machine.

What’s the advantage of Zenith equipment for drying clay materials?

Zenith equipment for drying clay materials owns many advantage as follow:

  1. Equipment the lookout owned 20% of the imported products, board manufacturing wear-resistant manganese, 3-4 times more wear-resistant than ordinary steel.
  2. Seamless wind phenomenon, completely solve the sealing difficulty.
  3. Early material moisture 15% final moisture to ensure 0.5-1%, is a cement plant slag powder, the product of choice for wet and dry mortar production line drying works.

what materials does the equipment for drying clay can also process?13.10.22--活性白土2

Zenith clay dryer machine can be dry-mixed mortar, sand, cement factories, slag, clay, coal gangue, the mixture of fly ash, gypsum, iron and other raw materials, drying, widely used in building materials, chemical, foundry, etc. industry.


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