Copper ore flotation equipment in Indonesia

Indonesia copper ore prospect13.10.21--印度尼西亚0

From the point of the global resources on the population distribution,Indonesia belongs to the Pacific ring of copper mine, the mine take mainly contains rich porphyry copper deposits.These copper can be very high purity copper ore after processing.Therefore, Indonesia attaches great importance to the development of copper ore.

Indonesia copper ore processing flow

13.10.21--印度尼西亚1In Indonesia,the porphyry copper often processing with production line.But to the purpose of refine the copper ore,we will attach great importance to the copper ore dressing.So,the copper ore processing often contains the primary crushing,secondary crushing,fine crushing and separation.Each step needs a equipment,to our industry,the most important step is separation,Zenith supply a set of separation equipment in Indonesia,the best is copper ore flotation equipment.

Copper ore flotation equipment in Indonesia

Zenith’s BF series flotation machine is improved from SF series flotation machine. BF Flotation machine apply new style 13.10.21--印度尼西亚2forward–type tank, double balde water wheel, it is also matched with diversion pipe and fake bottom device.The slurry inside the tank will make the up and down double circulation according to the certain way, which is good for coarse mineral suspension, it can make the air self–absorption, self-slurry absorption, no need foam pump.BF flotation machine impeller is composed of the closed double frustum, It could happen strong mineral slurry circulation.


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