Afghan 200-250tph copper ore production equipment

Brief look of Afghan copper ore

Afghan, Lōgar is considered the second largest copper mine undeveloped in the world. In the 1970 s, the mine central mining area and west mining area 13.10.21--阿富汗0geological exploration work is completed by the Soviet union. Here has been found that the amount of 705 million tons copper ore and copper metal content of 11 million tons.

Afghan 200-250tph copper ore production equipment

13.10.21--阿富汗1As a country rich in copper,the development level of copper mining is very advanced in Afghan,so as to the copper ore production equipment.Among these plant,the most commonly used is 200-250tph copper ore production equipment.Made of Zenith,it has high performence,large processing capacity,good continuity of production,perfect product particle ,energy conservation and so on advantages.

Constitution of 200-250tph copper ore production the equipment

Copper Crushing equipment

The initial stage of all the original copper mining of sulfide ore and oxide ore, after mining or blasting, then broken into walnut-sized ore.A Zenith PE series crusher is good for this stage.

Copper Ore Grinding equipment

The broken ore in the milling or rod mill, crusher, grinding into powder. Less than 1% of the copper powder. The sulfide ore into the beneficiation stage according to the program of the oxidized ore into leaching slot.This stage,we can use a MQ series ball mill to make powder for copper ore.

Copper Ore Beneficiation equipment

Dressing after the pulp, about 15% copper. Residue was discarded and the water is recycled.Tailings containing copper oxide into the leaching slot according to the procedure or return to around the tailings.Cathode pure copper after dressing, you can use two different methods: leaching – electrolysis or smelting – electrolytic refining method.

Afghan 200-250tph copper production line

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
Hopper LC3000X4000 1
I V1ibrating Feeder GZD1100X4200 15 1
II PE Jaw Crusher PE750x1060 110 1
III MQ series ball mill MQY3645 185/220 1
Vibrating Screen 3YK2160 30 1
BF Flotation Machine BF-16 50 1

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