Congo copper ore dressing equipment

Brief look of congo case

Congo is a resource rich countries in Africa.The reserves of copper ore rank the world’s advanced level.In Bouenza,much natural copper ore has been found previously,then more and more people started to invest in copper ore.Mr.Antoine is a owner of copper mine and his copper mine is mainly provide quality refined copper in the domestic well-known cable company.13.10.18--刚果铜矿石0

Copper ore processing in Bouenza Congo

Application of copper ore in our life is very wide.In Bouenza Congo,the copper ore processing is like the other countries in the world, with a large stone into small stones, broken in size to the desired final concentrate, purification.However,in Bouenza,since import the Zenith copper ore production line,processing flow of copper ore has been simplified,Mainly include: primary crushing, crushing, fine crushing, classification, flotation.

Congo copper ore dressing equipment

In Congo,copper ore dressing equipment mainly include:

13.10.18--刚果铜矿石1Zenith FL spiral classifier

In the mining industry, it separate the particles into a number of products graded according to size in the complete closed loop together with ball mill , and also in the beneficiation plant it can separate the slurry or liquid from solid particles. Separate light particles from heavy particles in the gravity separation process, separate of fine particles and liquid from coarse particles in the metal ore dressing process. Anyway, Zenith can give you a best choice when you face the question how to choose the classifier.

Zenith’s BF series flotation machine

BF Flotation machine apply new style forward –type tank, double balde water wheel, it is also matched with diversion pipe and fake bottom device. The slurry inside the tank will make the up and down double circulation according to the certain way and can make the air self –absorption, self-slurry absorption, no need foam pump.BF flotation machine impeller is composed of the closed double frustum, It could happen strong mineral slurry circulation.

Zenith’s NG Peripheral Traction Thickener

NG Peripheral Traction Thickener is not simple equipment, but with a new type of dewatering equipment mud layer filtration characteristics.Our thickener is applicable for dewatering headings and tailing in the separation plant. It can improve the ore pulp from 20~30% to approx. 40~70%. The thickener is widely applied to the industries such as metallurgical, chemical industry, coal, non-ferrous metal ore dressing, and environmental protection.


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