Star products of copper ore secondary crusher with perfect copper grain type

Copper is widely used in the electrical industry, mechanical industry, chemical industry, defense industry and other departments.

Copper ore secondary crusher

13.10.15--铜矿石破碎3Zenith PFW Copper Impact Crusher are the latest development of impact crusher based on the more than 30 years experience and leading technology of Zenith mining machinery company in impact crusher.It is an ideal secondary crusher for copper ore crushing.

The new generation PFW Copper Impact Crusher have the features of heavy duty rotor design, unique hammer locking system, 13.10.15--铜矿石0interchangeable wearing parts, and easy maintenance.The unique design concept makes this series crusher achieve perfect combination between crushing efficiency and operating cost. Meanwhile, it has a wide range of application,it can also use for crushing hard rock, such as basalt, river pebbles and so on.

Advantage of copper ore secondary crusher

  1. World-class manufacturing processes and the selection of the most high-end,making the rotor parts is quality and runs more 13.10.15--铜矿石1reliable.
  2. The hydraulic control system can be quickly adjust outlet size and grain size.
  3. Automatic hydraulic open device, can quickly complete the  late hammer, the replacement of wearing parts, reduce downtime and maintenance time.
  4. Integral steel structure bearing seat ensures higher bearing capacity, and the stability of the machine operation.
  5. Two kinds of cavity can meet the requirements of the vast majority of coarse and fine crushing.

Extensive use of copper

Copper and its alloys as conductivity and good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance is strong, easy processing, good tensile strength and fatigue strength are widely used, second only to iron and steel and aluminum in the metal material consumption, become the national economy and people’s livelihood and national defence engineering and even indispensable basic materials in the field of new and high technology and strategic materials.

13.10.15--铜矿石破碎4    13.10.15--铜矿石破碎5


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