Kazakstan copper crushing plant with highly active

13.10.15--哈萨克斯坦1Case description in Kazakstan

13.10.15--哈萨克斯坦2Mr Adair from Pavlodar Kazakstan,who is a copper ore mine owners.Mainly doing the processing of copper ore,carring refined, purified and made of high quality copper.The quality copper is provided to a large local electric switch manufacturers which produce key points.

Mr Adair readme

13.10.15--铜矿石破碎2A few months ago, the electric switch manufacturer received a large order and need to expand their production. At the time of procurement of raw materials, given the partnership for many years,they still found me first. That means I also need to expand the production of copper mine to meet their needs. So,I consult the Shanghai, China, Zenith mining machinery manufacturing co., LTD that I often buy processing equipment from them. In research, they recommend me a set of highly efficient copper ore production line.

Main configuration of 500TPH–600TPH copper rock production line13.10.15--铜矿石破碎0

Zenith 500TPH–600TPH copper rock production line is the largest stone crushing plant in the range with the potential to process up to 600 TPH.The 500TPH–600TPH copper rock production line is mainly composed of copper vibrating feeder,copper jaw crusher,copper cone crusher,copper vibrating screen,copper belt conveyor,copper concentrated electronic equipment.Its general design production for 500–600tons/hour. Accroding your different processing needs,it can be equipped with dust removal equipment, etc.

Use effect of Mr Adair

13.10.15--铜矿石破碎1West cheese copper ore crushing equipment, after my mine production and processing efficiency increased 1.5 times, easily meet the requirement of partner companies supply of copper ore. And west of Chicago this copper ore crushing production line, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, high production efficiency, stable operation, easy installation and maintenance. Is a very rational copper ore crushing production line.

Detailed parameters of 500TPH–600TPH copper rock production line

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
Hopper LC3000X4000 1
I Vribrating Feeder GZD1500X6000 30 1
II Jaw Crusher PE1200x1 500 220 1
III Feeder GZG-250 1.5×2 2
Cone Crusher HPC400 400 1
V Cone Crusher HPF400 400 1
Vribrating Screen 3YK2460 37 2
NO. Width(mm) Length(m) Power(KW) Number
B1200 30 22 1
B1200 28+8 22+11 1
B1200 28+8 22+11 1
B800 25+8 11+5.5 3
B650 25+8 7.5+4 3
B500 15 5.5 1
Total Power (KW) 1307.5

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