Used diamond sand making machine with good cubic shape of finished products

Diamond processing prospect13.10.14--钻石8

13.10.14--钻石6Diamond is very hard,which is known as the king of the hardness. Diamond is very precious.Its main use for a first act the role ofing is tasted and for a cutting tool, can be made almost all of the metal materials.Scientists will use made diamond particles, high temperature and high pressure, drilling, grinding tools with sand paper. Diamond in the purpose of life is expanding constantly, the investment prospects of diamond is also very well.

Used diamond sand making machine manufacturer

13.10.14--钻石2Shanghai Zenith is a specialized large international companies engaged in mining machinery production.The production of our company are various,not only include crushing screening,industrial coal pulverizing, also includes many auxiliary equipment, such as vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, sand washing machine, conveyor belt, and a variety of dust removal device.In the face of the needs of the development of industry,Zenith not only provides new ore processing equipment,but also provide second-hand equipment used by the rental and trading according to customer needs.

Used diamond sand making machine

Diamond sand making machine is mainly used for processing diamond sand.Diamond is not large for each of it, so you must use the sand making machine and turn it into small 13.10.14--钻石9particles.

Used diamond sand making machine high effective product which is a comprehensive upgrade on the original B series vertical shaft impact.B series deep rotor VSI crusher adhering to the principle of the original vertical crusher roke-on-roke and has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, good cubic shape of finished products.Application the new technology of deep cavity of the rotor,the crusher not only produces high quaility aggregate,but also minimizes the production cost,yet it is your best choice for producing.

Advantage of used diamond sand making machine

13.10.14--钻石1 13.10.14--钻石5

  • The deep cavity rotor emission mouth height 50% bigger than the ordinary’s,which means the larger space between the discharging cone, impeller mouth ring and the upper and lower runner plate.
  • The Increasing of interior space can accommodate more material,which result in the increasing of the production more than 30%.
  • Hydraulic openings device is easy and quick to move upper lid, so the internal mechanical overhaul and replacement cost less labor effort.
  • Modular-design hammer, just to replace worn parts when wear out, it can reduce cost more than 30%.
  • Uses high protection motor,which features high efficiency and low noise.
  • Optimal shooting mouth and more fluid curve-shaped design reduce the resistance to the material flow,and improve material pass-through capacity .



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