Used diamond processing production line in Botswana

Botswana diamond

Botswana mainly have three diamond mines :Geva,Letehan Kan, Rapa. These mines are young, its reserves of mining above 40 a enough,with strong production capacity and 13.10.14--钻石3great potential. The annual output of diamond in Botswana about 18 million-carat diamond, products accounted for 20% of gem grade, nearly gem grade 50%, the remaining 30% for industrial grade.

Diamond processing flow in Botswana

Because the diamond is very hard,we often used several procedures to processed it into the granularity we want.As a result, the Botswana, diamond processing mainly includes three phases: coarse crushing, secondary crushing and sand making.

13.10.14--钻石0Coarse crushing

Large material containing diamond was sent to diamond jaw crusher for primary crushing. In primary crushing, the diamond block stones can be changed into 20 to 50 mm.

Secondary crushing

The belt will be the primary broken stones, uniform continuously sent to a diamond in the cone crusher.In cone crusher efficient laminating crushing processing, material into tiny particles 3-15 mm.

Sand making

Link Here often adopt western cheese and efficient VSI5X series of sand making machine. The sand making machine superior performance, stable operation. Can used sand washing machine to clean when necessary.

Used equipment of diamond production line

Botswana has a very rich diamond reserves.In the exploitation of resources,diamond processing production line has a very high proportion of the mining industry.13.10.14--钻石4
In order to save the capital,in Geva,many diamond miners use the used equipment of diamond production line.In general, the used equipment of diamond production line has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, high production efficiency, stable performance, good effect of continuous operation and so on.

In Botswana,Used equipment of diamond production line mainly include:Diamond vibrating feeder,Diamond jaw crusher,Diamond cone crusher, diamond belt, diamond sand making machine, diamond sand washing machine etc.. This set equipment of used diamond production line maximum processing capacity of up to 200tph. so, it is a first choose of stone production line for diamond processing.


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