The processing unit of bentonite

The bentonite in life

Bentonite is montmorillonite as the main composition of clay minerals, the soil has good caking property, swelling, adsorption, plasticity, dispersion, lubricity, cation exchange. Its chemical composition is quite stable, has been hailed as a “universal stone”. As a result, it can be made into all kinds of adhesive, suspending agent, adsorbent, decoloring agent, plasticizer, catalyst, purifying agent, disinfectant, thickening agents, detergent, detergent, filling agent, strengthening agent, etc. At present, the bentonite has been widely used in metallurgy pellet, casting, drilling, chemical, food, and other areas of the 24 100 multiple departments.

In the daily production life, bentonite as suspending agent can be used as water-based pesticide. It can be used in dam seepage prevention wall materials, building foundation grouting materials, seepage prevention material such as the basement, parking lot, the subway,and also can be made into all kinds of brick, floor tile, ceramic glaze, paint, etc. In addition, because of bentonite adsorption, dispersibility, suspended sex is stronger, it can also be used in all kinds of sewage treatment, achieve the goal of environmental protection.

The process flow of bentonite

Undressed ore into the field ——comprehensive analysis——air to 15-18% moisture content——coarse crushing——according to customer requirements and experiment data ingredients——more than 60 degrees high shear extrusion sodium—— detection swelling value (ensure that more than 98%)——air to water content of 12-15%——after fine crushing screening for waterproof particles or all of the pieces for through the soil, high value-added of the waters.

The processing unit of bentonite

  • PE Series Jaw Crusher
  • PFW Series Impact Crusher
  • 6S Shaking Table
  • BF Series Flotation Machine

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