Indonesia next year ban on mining companies export purification

The Indonesian government will implement strictly about 2009 minerals and the provisions of the decree no. 4 coal mine.What’s more,next year the government will prohibited from holding a work contract mining companies to export purification.

ThamrinSihite ,the Indonesia minerals and energy of coal and mineral director,in Jakarta said recently, the government does not allow any mineral enterprises behavior in violation of the provisions of the law. “Since 2014, the mining company holding a job contract must be in the domestic mineral processing into metal.” He said so.

ThamrinSihite said, mineral and department of energy (doe) and the ministry of finance, ministry of trade, industry and other related department agree. In extended to renegotiate the contract, the obligation to complete the refining of ore.

According to the provisions of article 2009 of the 2009 no. 4, the enterprise holding a job contract and setting up a production,must keep mining mineral refining on January 12, 2014 at the latest .

The rules will lead to large mining companies holding a work contract, such as FreeportIndonesia and NewmontNusaTenggara,which must accomplish the refining mining of gold, copper, silver in the domestic .If the company’s production process is limited to processing purification process but not made of metal. In the refining obligation, mining companies can cooperate with other company.

Just a few months time, given a refined obligations may also allow domestic government refined mining company, the purification of the mineral export for the time being.


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