Dressing technology of purge the iron ore from the potassium feldspar

Potassium feldspar purge out iron ore dressing technology mainly includes:Crushing potassium feldspar with crusher,the crushed material should be into the drum sieve and being sieved.The particle size below 6 mm should be sent into mill grinding into fine powder.For the potassium feldspar powder, A series of beneficiation process is needed, including the following process steps.

Wash mud

Sent the 20-200 mush powder material into the spiral chute, for separation and select the sediment.


Materials after separation and sediment will be sent into the table, in order to wash out the ferric oxide.


Sent the materials removed ferric oxide into strong magnetic separator for selected,to select out the mica iron material.Then put the material into magnetic separator,elected out the mica iron material again.


Sent the material into high frequency vibrating screen to screen,to purge out the ferric oxide and ferroferric oxide in the powder,then get potassium feldspar powder.

Pickling powder

Using sulfuric acid as acid lotion,according to the concentration of acid and potassium feldspar powder blending mixed them.Under the condition of the sulfuric acid concentration to determine,the iron content of potassium feldspar powder is proportional to the weight to join by sulfuric acid.The acid cleaning thoroughly get rid of ferric oxide and ferroferric oxide,isolated the ferrous sulfate,then can get potassium feldspar powder.

screening of potassium feldspar powder

Potassium feldspar powder into the sieve of 20-200 mesh for sieve.The sieved material for iron content less than 0.24% of the finished product.


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