250TPH–300TPH Medium Hard Rock

Overview of 250TPH–300TPH medium hard rock

Shanghai Zenith Company is the leading professional supplier of solution,equipment and service for crushing and grinding industry.In past 20years,bearing the enterprise aim of “better quality ,better service”,Shanghai Zenith has obtained an enviable reputation from the customers over 120 coumtries in the wold.We are experts in the design and manufacture of two business line:crushing equipment and ggrinding equipment and we also professional in the production line designing.

Zenith company supply a full set of stone production line equipment,to provide you with comprehensive minging machinery.The 250TPH–300TPH medium hard rock is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, concentrated electronic equipment.Its general design production for 250–300tons/hour. To satisfy the customer different processing needs,it can be equipped with dust removal equipment, etc.

Advantage of 250TPH–300TPH medium hard rock

The 250TPH–300TPH medium hard rock is a high degree of automation.In addition to equipment boot downtime and maintenance besides, the whole production line hardly need manual operation.The 250TPH–300TPH medium hard rock has the feature of high production efficiency, low cost, large output, high yield, product gravel granularity, grain shape is good,the last but not the least it accord with national highway material requirements.The 250TPH–300TPH medium hard rock equipment configuration is mainly determine based on customer specifications and production and material application. We provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sale services.According to customer’s production site to configure the process, makes every effort to do for the customer the most reasonable and economic production line.

Common medium hard rock

摩氏硬度 矿物或材料
2.5 – 3 金、银、铝、锌、镁
3 方解石、铜、砷、牙本质
4 萤石、铁、镍
4 – 4.5 铂、钢
5 磷灰石、钴、钯、牙釉质
5.5 铍、钼、铪
6 正长石、钛、锰、锗、铀
6 – 7 玻璃、黄铁矿、硅
7 石英、锇、铼
7.5 – 8 钨、祖母绿
8 黄玉、方晶锆石
8.5 金绿宝石(chrysoberyl)、铬

250TPH–300TPH medium hard rock flow chart for production line

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
  Hopper LC3000X4000   1
I Vribrating Feeder GZD1300X4900 22 1
II PEW Jaw Crusher PEW860 132 1
III Impact Crusher PFW1315 160 2
Vibrating Screen 3YK1860 22 2
NO. Name Length(m) Power(KW) Number
B1 B1000 30 15 1
B2 B1000 27+8 15+7.5 1
B3 B1000 23+8 15+7.5 1
B4 B800 25+8 11+5.5 3
B5 B650 20+8 5.5+4 3
B6 B500 15 5.5 1


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