80TPH-120TPH Hard Rock

Brief introduction of the production line

80TPH-120TPH hard rock,which is smallest stone crushing plant for hard rock in the range capable of processing aggregates and sand at up to
80 T/H.The line configure a variety of equipment with high performance, stable operation, complete functions, safe and reliable, closely linked and
ranning smoothly. Therefore, in ensuring the continuous production ,it can achieve the goal of high efficiency and energy saving. At the same
time, the whole line layout is compact, effectively saves space for customers which can reduce the cost. In the process of crushing,we also
have a variety of optional auxiliary equipment, such as: belt conveyor, separator and various dust removal noise reduction device. Customers
can be according to the amount of material the existing configuration of different capacity production line, so as to achieve the goal of high
efficiency and energy saving, economical and practical.

Common hard stone

摩氏硬度 矿物或材料
6 正长石、钛、锰、锗、铀
6 – 7 玻璃、黄铁矿、硅
7 石英、锇、铼
7.5 – 8 钨、祖母绿
8 黄玉、方晶锆石
8.5 金绿宝石(chrysoberyl)、铬
9 – 9.5 刚玉、碳化硅
9.5–10 二硼化铼、碳化钽、硼、碳化硼
10 金刚石
>10 纳米晶金刚石

80TPH-120TPH hard rock flow chart for production line

NO. Equipment Model Power(KW) Number
Hopper LC3000X4000 1
I Vribrating Feeder GZD960X3800 11 1
II Jaw Crusher PE600x900 55 1
III Cone Crusher S36″ 75 1
Vribrating Screen 3YK1860 22 1
NO. Name Length(m) Power(KW) Number
B1 B800 25 11 1
B2 B800 25+8 11+5.5 1
B3 B800 23 11 1
B4 B650 25 7.5 1
B5 B500 20 5.5 3
B6 B500 15 5.5 1


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