Ore fabric structure

The structure of the single ore and collectively ore is unified called fabric structure. Research of ore fabric, can scientific understanding of ore deposit origin and industrial 13.9.12-各种矿石2evaluation the ore deposits correctly. Research of ore fabric also can hlep us carry out the best comprehensive utilization and determine the reasonable scheme of beneficiation and metallurgy.

Ore structure

Ore structure refers to the mineral composition of ore aggregate morphology, size and spatial combination of the relationship between each other, their mutual reflect distribution characteristics.

Common ore structure are massive, disseminated, lenticular, punctate, annular, reniform, flake, vesicular, honeycomb, crusty, nodular, soil structure, etc. In general, different types of ore structure reflects the ore formation environment and experience the different history, but also have this kind of situation, the same for the different mineralization ore structure.

Single ore structure


Single ore structure refers to the individual in the ore mineral crystal particle morphology, size and spatial combination of mutual relations, etc., the distribution characteristics reflected by separately. Chromite ore, for example, when the chromite mineral aggregate for extended form, which was with silicate mineral aggregate and zonal distribution, the article said the structure of the ore banded structure. Chromite takes the euhedral crystal mineral grain, therefore calls automorphic granular structure. Ore structure both macroscopic observation, also can use a microscope. The main ore structure under a microscope, the individual particles can also be aviliable by the naked eye observation.

The common single ore structure

  • Crystalline structure, such as: euhedral crystal, half euhedral crystal, he shaped crystal, peritectic, crystallite structure, etc
  • Exsolution structure, such as emulsion droplets, like, lamellar, lattice, knot, the dendritic structure, etc
  • Colloidal structure, such as: grape shape, oolitic, ball of granular structure, etc
  • Clastic structure
  • Structure of organisms
  • Strawberry structure
  • Metasomatic corrosion structure



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