How to reduce the energy consumption of crusher

Crusher causes of energy consumption13.9.10-0

In the process of crushing, crushing cavity should prevent iron and other things not be broken into it. When mixed together after feeding material broken, there are all kinds of material strength uneven phenomenon, strength of materials will protect small material intensity, reducing the intensity of the broken probability of small material and product granularity. And due to the intensity of the crushing cavity plate stress is not uniform, can eventually lead to uneven wear plate, affect the normal work of the crusher.

Laminating crushing down energy consumption

Granular material must meet the breakability of the requirements of the material strength within the maximum intensity of crusher can handle. In order to improve the working 13.9.10-1efficiency of the crusher, force situation improve equipment spare parts and give full play to the function in the process of laminating crushing in broken, in the process of production should try to ensure the uniformity of feeding material strength requirements.

Experts based on the analysis of concept of laminating crushing, when more than 40% of the repose of the material of broken volume, can be realized in the process of crushing laminated completely broken. In addition, according to the extrusion type crusher full feeding and hopper jaw uniformity, when material filling degree of 55% can completely meet the requirements of laminated crushing.

The effect of laminated crushing

Laminating crushing can realize the energy saving of crushing equipment. Existing research shows that: when the repose of the material in the 6-10 layers, obvious energy saving and consumption reducing of the equipment.

  • When feeding equivalent average granularity half generally allows for the largest feed particle size, the feeding layer material layer is about 2mm.
  • When the crusher the blockage in the layer height is 93 mm, the average grain size of material can reach 9.45 mm, the feeding material layer can be determined by 9.8 layer, blocking layer can achieve the best feeding material layer.

In the crusher, so it is easy to find, the more close to plug material feeding layer number is able to meet the requirements of the best feeding layer, crusher can more realize the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.


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