Impact crusher before starting work

Impact crusher before starting work

  1. Ensure the funnel is not blocked, the feed port is not to one side.
  2. Check the motor load, temperature, sound condition.
  3. If there are friction phenomena between the part of gap(especially the jaw shaft parts).
  4. Keep the cooperation of the thrust plate and the support seat pad is normal,not tilt or move.
  5. Each part of the bearing temperature should not exceed 50-60.
  6. Whether it is normal of the smooth point of the oil situation.
  7. Ensure the oil pump, oil ring is functioning properly and the pipe is not blocked.
  8. Whether it operate (sound) normally.
  9. The fastening screw is appropriate.
  10. Ensure the tightness of the spring situation is normal.

Impact crusher

This impact crusher application

a variety of processing side not exceeding 500mm and compressive strength less than 350MPa materials of coarse, fine (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), widely used in hydropower, highway, artificial sand and stone, crushing and other industries.

Machine performance characteristics of crusher

unique structure, keyless connection, high chromium plate hammer, unique This impact crusher lining board; hard rock crusher, high efficiency and energy saving; cubic shape, nesting adjustable particle size, simplified crushing process.

Machine working principle crusher

When it works, under the driving of the motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into, and the impact of the rotor plate hammer crusher, and then it was back to the lining plate broken again, and finally from the discharge port.Compared with the other crushing machine it has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency advantages.


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