Beneficiation machinery classification

What is the dressing

According to the different mineral in the ore properties, grinding ore crushing fine after the re-election, flotation, magnetic separation method, the methods of electric separation method, separate the useful minerals and gangue minerals and make all kinds of useful mineral symbiosis as separate as possible, to remove or reduce the harmful impurities, in order to obtain all kinds of industrial raw materials needed for the separation process.

Enrichment of ore dressing to make useful components, or other reducing smelting process of the consumption of fuel and transportation, make more economic use of low grade can lean ore.Dressing experiment data from the main basis of evaluation and factory design and deposit. From the gangue can also sorting out other valuable minerals.

Beneficiation machinery classification

Now ore dressing technology in metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, building materials and environmental protection departments have been applied,which is of great significance to the development of the national economy. With the development of the industry, mining machinery product line is becoming more and more perfect. The current market classification as follows:

  • Mining machinery
  • Drilling machinery
  • Excavating machinery
  • Coal mining machinery
  • Oil drilling
  • Mineral processing machinery
  • Drying machine

Beneficiation machinery by the beneficiation process is divided into crushing, grinding, screening, separation machinery (optional) and dehydration. Crushing machine commonly used have jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher and counterattack crusher, etc. Grinding is the most widely used in mechanical cylindrical grinding machine, including rod mill, ball mill and pebble mill, etc. Separator used with spiral classifier, vacuum filter, magnetic separator, flotation machine, etc.

The meaning of separation

In terms of technology, the development of science and technology and industry are increasingly demanding on the quality of mineral raw materials, direct mining ore often are not up to standard. The ore beneficiation process can meet the requirements. High sulfur and phosphorus content in ore, for example, when the pig iron smelting crisp, then reduce sulfur phosphorus ore dressing process is necessary; Production of iron essence pink of magnetic material, sometimes ask its silicon content is lower than o. 4%, such processing requirements to the dressing.

In terms of economy, dressing can bring economic benefits to smelting industry, etc. For example, a small iron handle 32% of iron ore dressing plant, the production of iron iron concentrate of 65%, annual production of 35000 t iron ore can be profit nearly ten thousand yuan. Smelting non-ferrous metal – the copper ore grade is increased by 1%, more than a year to produce thick copper 3135 t, considerable profits; An iron to iron ore powder grade is increased by 1%, the blast furnace pig iron production can be increased by 2.5%, the coke rate fell by 2.5%, limestone save 4% one 5%, economic benefit is remarkable.

In terms of environmental protection, still can waste application processing technology, comprehensive recycling all kinds of valuable elements. Such as thermal power plant waste, fly ash, piled up and environmental pollution, is a big worry about power plant. But, after dealing with the concentration of fly ash, can produce a variety of useful products such as iron and cement mix.


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