What Is Kyanite

Kyanite and its related mineral “cousins,” sillimanite and andalusite, are called polymorphs. This means that they are three distinct minerals, but they all have the same chemical formula, Al2SiO5 (aluminum silicate). Because they are chemically the same, they can all be used in the same applications.

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Kyanite forms bladed crystals. It is generally blue, but can also be green or gray. It has a glassy luster. Kyanite has a unique physical feature in that it has two different hardnesses. When its hardness is measured across the crystal, it is 7; when it is measured down the length of the crystal, it is 5. All other minerals have a single hardness no matter where it is measured on the crystal.

Kyanite Mining Process

According to life of kyanite in usage in production, raw materials need to pass a series of processing, to achieve the required size can be put into further processing and production, better service to life. Shanghai Zenith’s kyanite processing production line mainly includes: belt conveyor, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen and other equipment, and can according to the actual field on-site investigation situation or customer requirements, the various types of equipment undertakes assorted, according to different technical requirements, design for the customer, satisfy the customer different technical requirements, fully embodies the design rationality, effectiveness, applicability, large capacity, low wear, low operation cost.

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How To Use Kyanite

Kyanite and its related minerals are used to make a variety of refractory materials. Refractory materials are those that are resistant to very high temperatures. As a result, more than half of the kyanite consumed is used in refractories for the production of steel. Kyanite is also used to produce refractories for nonferrous (non-iron-bearing) metals. Some is consumed to make refractories for glass and heat-resistant ceramics. Kyanite is also used to make spark plugs and is used for non-refractory applications.


Where Find Kyanite

There are substantial deposits of kyanite in the United States. The most important deposits are in Idaho and the Appalachian Mountain region in Eastern United States. Gneisses in Southern California also have significant kyanite resources. Presently, however, it is not economical to mine these deposits. Should economic conditions change, these deposits may be worth mining. South Africa supplies most of the andalusite imported for industrial consumption in the United States. France and India also produce andalusite and kyanite, respectively.

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