Regular maintenance

Maximise the Return to the Company

The aim for the company is to maximise the return from its productive assets.
Let us keep it simple and express this as maximising the production through the year.
To achieve this,

  • (a)The machine availability must be high
  • (b)The machine must be producing at a high rate when it is operating


  • Maintenance must be considered in the context of asset utilisation
  • Mining is an asset-rich industry
  • Optimum utilisation of these assets is the only way a company will stay competitive
  • This is a task for both production and maintenance engineers.

Managing Reliability

  • Optimum utilisation of its capital investment in equipment is essential for company profits
  • Equipment reliability plays a major role in this
  • Therefore, managing reliability is a core business for a mining company
  • This is a task for both production and maintenance engineers. In the rest of this presentation, we will talk about the maintenance function.

Maintenance Function

  • Preventive Maintenance.Prevent failures by performing a set of maintenance tasks at periodic intervals
  • Service
  • Inspection
  • Replacement
  • Corrective Maintenance.Repair after a failure to bring the machine back to an operating state
  • Which one delivers higher overall system availability?

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