Iron ore beneficiation

Usually the iron containing economic utilization of iron  is called iron ore. There  are many types of iron ore ,which mainly used forsmelting ironis ,such as magnetite, hematite and siderite etc. Iron ore is an important raw material for iron and steel production enterprises。Generally less than 50% grade iron ore should be dressing and then can be use to smelting.

The natural iron ore need crushing, grinding, magnetic separation to, flotation, gravity concentration process and then  selected tapping gradually. Firstlly install the production line in the mines. Generally the iron ore production line includes: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher or PEW series jaw crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyors and other equipment.after processing to the appropriate size, sencondly wo should according to the different kinds of iron ore to allocation of mineral processing equipment  for different grading.

13.8.16Iron ore beneficiation 13.8.16Iron ore beneficiation1

The beneficiation process should be as efficient and simple as possible,such as paying special attention to the development of energy-saving equipment, as far as possible to achieve the best results in the most appropriate process etc. In dressing plant, crushing and grinding operations of equipment investment, production cost, energy consumption and consumption of steel is often the largest proportion.To a great extent  the ore dressing plant economy benefit is de decided by the selection of calculation and operation management of the crushing and grinding equipment is good or bad.
As the easy to iron ore resources reducing increasingly, iron ore resource is the low-grade ores more the up-grade ores less,associated minerals more,ore components in complex and ore size cloth inlay mostly fine, which cause certain difficulties to the dressing. Technically speaking, we have the urgent need of advanced technology, advanced technology and advanced equipment, to promote efficient development and utilization of iron ore resources. From the economic terms, production for iron ore dressing plant, must expand the scale of production, must expand the processing capacity, saving energy and reducing consumption of ore beneficiation.A after doing that ,will we have a better economic benefit. Before the ore into the grinding operation, we can select out the gangue minerals from a part of qualifying. the lost sooner lost, in order to improve the grade of raw ore.Ultra fine coarse polishing technics tail optimization, this is a method for producing effective capacity, saving energy and reducing consumption, create better economic benefits lean iron ore.
Due to the various characteristics of the iron and steel industry and iron ore are higher on the iron ore demand, mineral processing workers are facing new challenges. So the flotation technology metallurgical mines have a deeper development requirements, which is promoting the further increase of mineral processing equipment.



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