PF Series Impact Crusher

Thousands of Zenith PF Series Impact Crushers are installed all over the world in recent 20 years. It has been proved that this series of crushers not only effectively increase productivity and final product quality, but also greatly reduce the investment costs and operation costs. Unmatched excellent performance is shown in the secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and material recovery.

Working principle

This series of products using the impact energy to crush materials. When working, the rotation of the rotor speed under the driving of the motor, the impact from the plate hammer material feeding into the mouth and on the rotor, under the high-speed impact of the board hammer is broken; the crushed material is counter to the liner broken again; and finally from the discharge port. Adjust the back frame and the rotor frame can be achieved by changing the material of the gap between the particle size and shape of the materials to.


1. High efficiency and energy conservation;

2. No-board connection;

3. Chrome hammer and special impact plate;

4. Cubical shape of final product and the output size is adjustable;

5. Easy maintenance.

PF Series impact-crusher


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